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Juiced Battery Cranberry energy drink

Growing up, Finland was one of those countries on the map that I really never paid attention to. Much like Lithuania, Estonia or Latvia, I could not really bring anything to mind that would help define any of the Baltic states. Norway has the whole Viking thing going for it – and Fjords aplenty.  The Swedish have all those awesome four letter brands going for it, like SAAB, ABBA and IKEA –  not to mention the most awesome chef in the universe.   Denmark has unique furniture, The Birthplace of Lars Ulrich, Elephant beer and they have that whole Hamlet thing going for it. The only thing I could think of that was uniquely Finnish were crazy melodic speed metal groups like Children of Bodom, Apocalyptica and Nightwish.

This was until Battery energy drink started making the scene – showing up in convenience stores throughout the US, along with 40 countries across the world. What started out as a small company for locals is not a massive energy drink empire, actually becoming the official energy drink of those above mentioned metal bands. In 2009 they released their Juiced brand, releasing an Orange Juice and Cranberry flavor to market. I was fortunate enough to get hold of one of these delicious drinks from Europe – Sent to me in a cool looking package all the way from their home base in Finland.

Juiced Battery is  absolutely amazingly delicious.  If you are a fan of the cranberry, there is absolutely no reason you should not have tried this right now.  I happen to be a big fan of cranberry juice – really getting into the sweet super tart burst-in-your-mouth flavor a good cranberry juice has.  Juiced Battery is that flavor exactly – enough to give Ocean Spray a run for it’s money.  Put that in a very cool can na d add caffeine and you have one beautiful drink in your hands.

 Battery drinks are mostly always the same design – a short squal can that looks like a battery. The only big difference between this can and all their others is this has a big thick stripe of red acrosss the top – and Juiced is written in red with a bright neon surrounding it.  This is a very sleek and through out design, looking like a beer can even though it has only 11.2 (330) mg in it. 

 Like the other cans of Battery’s products, the logo works really well, and I really appreciate the website and company info listed on bottom. The only thing I saw that needs help is the lack of a minus on bottom.In terms of the rest of the can – it is pure fun – down to the ingredients in English and Spanish, while not in suomen kieli, the native Finnish tongue. 

The ingredients are easy to see and understand, as well as the website and company info. The font choices are superior, and the little touches of the juiced having an afterglow are lovely touches. The only thing which is slightly buggy is there is no minus on it – it is all just plus. Minor annoying tick — still an award winning design on a very unique can.
If you enjoy cranberry juice or cranberry juice cocktail – this is going to be the drink for you.    On first pour, Juiced Battery comes out a nice dark red – the color of cranberry juice.  Everything about this drink shouts cranberries, from the sharp crisp smell to the exquisite taste.  It is so good and berry flavored, I was very surprised to learn it just is 20% juice, and most of that is probably apple.  Even Ocean Spray 100% Juice Cranberry Juice is just 20% cranberries. Not to mention, this is carbonated, which gives the already light cranberry flavor that much more airy.
As much as I loved Battery Gingered, I think this Cranberry might be my new favorite Battery flavor to date.  

Love what is in here – and while not exactly healthy, they do all the things energy drinks are supposed to do with no missteps. No high fructose corn syrup in here – instead it is sweetened with sugar and malodextrin. Ther is a ton of taurine and a good dose of caffeine ( 110mg per can) in here as well. There are some surprising twists in here too, as they list their caffeine comes from guarana ( normal) and coffee ( abnormal) extracts – which I love. I dont think I have seen another energy drink that lists coffee as their caffeine substance. Only issues are the very high calorie count and the sodium benzoate, as I am not sure you really need such a chemical additive in it. There are over 170 calories in this not quite 12oz can, owing to the table sugar used. still, I would take that over high fructose corn syrup any day…

 Good buzz, fantastic taste and pretty packaging – what more could a guy want – except maybe a little heavy metal cello playing in the background.

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