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Kahlua Coffee Liqueur

With the loss of Caffeinated Malt Liquors to the politicians, I have once again begun my long search for the next great caffeinated alcoholic drink. While the list might have gotten shorter, there are still a few more caffeinated alcoholic beverages to be had. Lucky for me that the political groups just decided to go after the stuff that those lowbrow drunkards, bums and stupid college kids drink.

Instead, I bought the largest bottle of the second largest liqueur brand throughout the world. Kahlua is a rich syrupy coffee liqueur, however, it is cut with the most natural fantastic spices to balance it.  This is really one of the best alcoholic mixers in the universe.

Now I know what many of you are thinking, that there is not enough caffeine in Kahlua for there to make any difference. But this is where you are wrong – you just need to rethink your logic.

For the most part, one shooter of Kahlua, or 1.5 ounces, has 4.85mg of caffeine. Now the rest of this gets pretty mathy, but be assured I was not drinking and mathematicing. If you just drink a shot of this delicious liqueur, there is not very much caffeine. But then again, if you drink a shot of Red Bull there is not much caffeine either – it is all depending on how much you drink. So How much does this compare to other caffeinated alcoholic beverages?

Parts per million is a little strange, but the FDA had guidelines allowing up to 200ppm of caffeine before the big bru-ha-ha. On their site, Joose is reported to have 180ppm of caffeine, well below the regulated amount. Now 1ppm equals 1 milligram per liter. Joose is 23.4 ounces, or 0.692 liters, which means that Joose has a grand total of 124mg in a big 24 ounce can of liquid. For contrast, that is a measly 16mg more than the same amount of Diet Mountain Dew.

Kahlua has a higher alcohol content than Caffeinated Malt Liquor – clocking in at 20% alcohol. If you are lucky enough to find and afford it, they also produce KahlĂșa Especial, which is less thick and has an alcohol content of 36%. This means by comparison, Kahlua has twice as much alcohol as Joose.  As for caffeine content, an average big bottle size of Kahlua is 750ml, or about 25 ounces. This means that there are a grand total of 81-ish milligrams of caffeine in a comparable bottle of Kahlua.

The funny thing is, you would be surprised how easy it is to suck down that much Kahlua. You can drink this fine straight, on the rocks, and it makes so many delicious cocktails, it is hard to figure out which to create. Many times I end up just pouring it over ice, although it is sooo good with a bit of coffee, milk and vodka. There are many dozens of delicious recipes featuring Kahlua, and is with out doubt THE coffee liqueur out there.

Kahlua is a rich sweet smooth drink, not at all bitter or harsh. Not even the Starbucks liqueur can come close to the complex heavy caramel vanilla cinnamon-ny lusciousness. The aroma is one of thick delicious caramel coffee, cut with hints of spices. Kahlua uses all Mexican arabica beans, and takes real pride in the coffee they use.Everything, from how they pick their beans to how they process them for this drink is meticulous. It is easy to see why, as the other coffee liqueurs out there are not even close to the consistency and complexity of Kahlua. Yes, it is highly caloric – about 53 calories in a 25mg shot, like a rich piece of fudge, sometimes it is worth indulging.

Depending on how much Kahlua you are consuming, it is good to start consuming early too. My wife and I started in on our favorite recipe of Kahlua Cocktails early, because we knew we would need some time to enjoy the buzz as well as enjoy the buzz. While this might cost a good seven or eight times the price of a caffeinated malt liquor, this is seven or eight times taste as well.

My favorite Kahlua Recipe:
(Remember, since you are already splurging for the Kahlua, It would not make sense to skimp on cheap coffee or Vodka.)
Kahlua, espresso, table or heavy whipping cream and vodka.

In a Highball glass, dump 2 shots of espresso, 3 shots of Kahlua, one shot of cream and 1 shot of vodka. add a few ice cubes and stir. Consume . repeat until your run out of Kahlua (about 20 minutes later).

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