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Kahlua Iced Coffee Grab & Go Cocktails

I find it kinda funny that they specifically said that they did not fill up their can all the way so there would be room to shake the liquid all up.

Kahlua is the first alcoholic coffee drink I have seen hit the market that has really embraced both the alcohol and the coffee.   Yes, there have been a few other drinks which have been flirting, but this is a fantastic treat for canned coffee lovers like myself.  Kahlua’s coffee is made form real fresh tasty coffee, not ground instant garbage.  Even more exciting is they veered from the traditional RTD coffee flavors of Espresso, mocha and vanilla. They dumped the vanilla one for a cinnamon, and it is a really tasty one too.

The cans of Kahlua really popped out on the liquor store shelf as something unique.  Yes – they have had premixed drinks before, but this looked much more like a coffee drink than an alcoholic drink.  It looks close enough to other canned coffees that I would not be surprised if someone could take them to work an such like they would an ordinary iced canned coffee.   There is a dark brown brilliance, although it definitely has that trendy, hipster edge to it.   Regardless, there is a lot to be admired in this little 7 ounce can.

Functionally, there is a whole lot to be desired, like any alcoholic caffeine drink.  There does not need to be a nutrition label on here – or even an ingredients list – so there is no way of really knowing what is in here.  I am sure this is for the best both legally and because I enjoyed it better not knowing that my Kahlua Iced Coffee binge was not equivalent to my entire daily calorie intake levels.

Kahlua Iced Espresso 5:
 According to literature, Kahlua uses the same beans they get for making their signature liquor for making this coffee drink too.

That being said, I did not find this one appealing at all.  The coffee was pretty mild, but it had far too many sour notes – like unripe berries or lemons to really enjoy.  Unfortunately the coffee preservatives in here gave it that metallic finish that many canned coffee drinks seem to have.  This flavor did not have the tang of fake non-dairy creamer, which is good, but the signature Kahlua flavoe was also not very strong.  It did not have enough punch to it to be drinkable in anything larger than these little cans.

Fortunately, after the first two cans of this flavor, it grew on me.  I found drining down the last two of them was infinitely easier than drinking the first two.  If you are looking for a serious buzz an a nice little caffeine rush, I might suggest picking up a couple packs.

Kahlua Iced Coffee with Cinnamon Spice : 6
For a mixed cocktail, this one was much happier to my senses.  It reminded me of a complex Starbucks drink – like something that I could not make on my own.  This one was strong enough in spice and sugar to pretty much override all the other flavors in here.  It still tasted like coffee, or maybe tea – or a little like Chai.   Either way, if you are the kind of person who likes your coffee so full of glack that you have no idea what the hell you are drinking then you will love this.

Kahlua Iced Mocha: 8
This is definitely the best of the bunch.  You can taste the coffee through the chocolate, but both are strong rich and sweet.  This is what Kahlua is supposed to be paired with – something that ends up being decadent and satisfyingly full of flavor.  If you were to pick up any of these in a four-pack, this in the one to try.

Normally, Kahlua does not have a whole lot of caffeine in it.  There is approximately 4.85 mg in each 1.5 oz drink of normal Kahlua – which is almost negligible. Of course, these grab-and-go cocktails are when the Kahlua is mixed in with 100% arabica coffee, so the caffeine content is unmistakably higher.

I drank all three cans in a very short time, and waited to see how I felt.   I did get a light buzz from downing the three cans, bus seeing as they only had 5% alcohol, drinking all three is akin to drinking one and a half beers.  The caffeine I felt was much stronger than that though – Finishing all three was akin to drinking a large coffee.  It is nice knowing they used regular coffee in here – and a decent coffee as well.

Another time I just bought a four pack of their Espresso blend and I am happy to report that knocking down all of them was not only a very pleasant task, but a fulfilling one too.  I felt like I just ate two Big Macs in a row from all the calories I just consumed, but it was for a great purpose.  From drinking the four pack, I probably got a good couple hours energy as well as a nice buzzy head for my efforts too.

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