Posted December 17, 2008 by Big Red Boots in energy spray

kickers energy spray

I have seen Kickers on sale everywhere, from every convenience store to my television. I was being promised more energy than anything could possibly deliver – where I was suppose to get 80 hours worth of energy for a little 5 dollar container of liquid. Mind you, the last time I had anything that provided me with more than 12 hours of energy, I was much younger and the liquid was soaked on little papers with Bart Simpson and little Grateful Dead bears on them. I was a bit hesitant to try something that would provide me with THAT kind of energy, especially while trying to work and look after my kids. Not to mention, 80 hours sounds just a tad excessive. Even a guy who likes energy likes sleep every once and a while.
Of course when I actually saw what they provided – I was disappointed and relieved. The 80 hours is cumulative, not concurrent – so the spray is supposed to give me the equivalent of over a dozen energy drinks.
Because of the deliver method, the effect was supposed to be almost instantaneous. It is an interesting idea – getting the caffeine subcutaneously through a spray on the tongue – so it does not have to go through the digestive process, and just be absorbed by your mouth. How much of whatever is in here is just to be guessed at though. As they refuse to tell you amounts.
So I followed the directions, as I wanted to feel whatever they thought was enough energy for me. According to the bottle I was to spray 5 sprays under my tongue and wait 30 seconds before swallowing.
It did wake me up immediately – like holding a mouth of powdered kool aid would wake me up! My mouth rebelled as I could taste the nastiness. Havent you guys ever heard of sweetners??? GAH! I have rarely held anything this nasty in my mouth on purpose! The burst of energy seems to come from the initial shock of trying to hold the awful flavor in your mouth – as your metabolism gets kicked into overdrive thinking you have just poisoned yourself. The drool starts to form as you keep holding it in your mouth – swearing to yourself for spending so much for this nastiness.

There is supposed to be lots of caffeine , herbs and B vitamins to wake you up. Liars. While not telling you how much of anything is in here – we do know that all their proprietary herbal stuff has less dosage than 260mg total. That means that even if you count the bee pollen, cinnamon and white willow, and all the other goofy herbs that do NOTHING to boost your energy, 5 sprays have less than 200 mg. My guess is there is around 100-150 mg of caffeine in 5 sprays, so while 5 sprays will be a very mild boost – if you can handle 15 or so it should get you pumped. my advice, for the cost and the pain of keeping this in your mouth, unless you are fortunate enough to find this super-on-sale someplace, just spend the 6 bucks somewhere else.

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