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Killer Buzz Mocha Madness

Killer Buzz is a cool energy drink out of Tuscaloosa, and with their new relaunch hopefully making it to a store near me soon.  Fortunately they sent me out some samples of their new design, which looks radically different from the initial launch of the product.  Killer Buzz looks clean and toned and ready for battle, comparable to Ironclad Energy, only with a secret weapon – GHAA.  GHAA stands for Giant Hornet Amino Acids, and they propose that you get as much energy a a giant hornet, which I guess has a lot.  Never been around giant hornets, I am not sure how energetic your average hornet is, and seeing as they are my Phobia Bug (everyone is allowed to freak out over one insect, and mine is hornets) I hope to never find out.

What I can say is that I have tried many many canned mochas, and this is one of the tastier and more powerful of the lot.

Rather than go for the brushed aluminum and core color look of the rest of their drinks, Mocha Madness is a nice brown mocha color, although the vertical stripes gets lost in the 70s.  There is a while kitch design for it which works although it differs from their other flavors more hardcore image.  Like all Killer Buzz cans, it has a paragraph about the drink that really has nothing to do with the drink and it just slightly amusing nonsense.  Overall this is a lovely can – down to its custom Killer Buzz drink tab.

Functionally, I like the can, except for a few glaring problems.   The biggest one is the lack of caffeine content, which is not on any of their flavors.  The only other minor point is they do not double face their cans, which makes it harder for stockers to put their drink right in the cooler and have it point the right way.   Instead of the paragraph telling drinkers how they “Reeling in the stink in your own psychosis,” it might make more sense to put  smaller version of their cool logo on the back too.

I’ll be damned if this is not one of the best Mocha canned coffees I have ever had.  The flavor is pretty great, although for truth I can not tell you clearly as the entire can has a way of just sliding past my throat.   This is one of the smoother creamier coffee drinks I have had in a very long time – with a most pleasant rich aftertaste that does not go bitter from preservatives.  When I finally did manage to just take a sip of one of the cans, the flavor was a decadent thick chocolate coffee cream, without any bitterness or harsh notes.  The use of real milk and carageenan to give it that smooth rich quality really works.

My only issue is that when I ended up slamming each can in a matter of seconds, that led to a monumental energy rush.  Usually when a person has a strong coffee drink,  they can sit and sip it for a few minutes, so the caffeine does not hit the body all at once.  When you slam this much caffeine this quickly in your system, there is bound to be consequences.

Killer Buzz Mocha packs in quite a punch into this mocha, not holding back on the energy, or letting go very easily.  within about 15 minutes, all that caffeine hit me, and the effect was immediately visible.  I went from a lethargic sleepy mess at 5:30am to perky and restless by 6.  The buzz lasts and lasts too – and I felt that slightly jittery edge that makes me so happy for about 3 solid hours before nicely fading away with no desire to crash.  I am guessing that there is at least 200mg of caffeine packed in here to help that buzz hit, and there is enough other fun ingredients to keep it lasting for a while too.

Killer Buzz’s big selling point is GHAA, or Giant Hornet Amino Acids.   When I first heard about Killer Buzz I was hoping they actually used something from hornets in their drink, but alas, it is not the case.  This does have same 17 amino acids that make up Giant Hornet somethingoranothers, which is still a pretty cool idea – regardless if that menas anything or not.  What I can say is that with the energy I could get from something this tasty – I am looking forward to my next chocolatey creamy Killer Buzz.

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