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Killer Buzz Vanilla Latte

A latte is not a real coffee drink.   I know it can be, but in todays world of Fast Foot gourmet coffee places and grocery store half gallons of milky caramel frou-frou  silliness, a latte usually is about 2 steps to removed from actual coffee to be coffee.  While you can make a latte traditionally from just adding milk and espresso together, that is not what people are wanting from what they get from their drive through as they order their Double tall low-fat no foam 2 pump vanilla lattes.   They get this drink from Killer Buzz, Luscious Latte – a creamy yummy concoction that is about as far from an Italian Eatery as Pizza Hut.

Killer Buzz, or as more affectionally it says on the can Klr Bz, is an energy drink company who makes some very lovely energy boosters.   They also have a couple kinds of coffee drinks, namely this one and a tasty Mocha variety.  The secret star in here is GHAA, which stands for stands for Giant Hornet Amino Acids. I don’t like hornets, and the idea of giant ones is the stuff of my nightmares.  Still the energy is a decent one, and the taste while being not one of real coffee is still one of the tastiest coffee drinks around.

Just like the Mocha variety, this is a nice brownish tan color, the color you would want a vanilla latte to be. THe horizontal dotted line motif is still just as silly and out of place, but it is ovall a pretty affair. It loses the XTREME edge of the other flavors in favor of this mice pretty can with script lettering. Like all Killer Buzz cans, it has a paragraph about the drink that really has nothing to do with the drink and it just slightly amusing nonsense – this one mentions cherubs and Aphrodite. There is a custom Killer Buzz drink tab for the overall look and feel, and its really quite nice. Juat like their other drinks, there is no listing of caffeine content. Also, they do not double face their cans, which makes it harder for stockers to put their drink right in the cooler and have it point the right way. still, they are pretty minor when compared to the whole effect.

Killer Buzz does a good thing here – much better than I was anticipating.   This can easily be compared to an iced vanilla latte you would get at a Starbucks, and might even be better than that!   It is a wonderfully creamy concoction that hits all the flavors right – with the correct sweetness, the correct coffee punch and all without being chemical or syrupy.  While their mocha is very good, this is even better – if not one of the best coffee drinks I have ever had the chance to try.    If you are lucky enough to have this in a store near you, it is definitely worth it to try.

You also have to be OK with the excessive amount of calories in here, 280 in the whole can.  While I know you need this if you are going to be using regular sugar and milk and such, that is just a whole lot of goop for a coffee drink.  By comparison, a tall 16 ounce cold one from Starbucks has 250 calories, so if you are already rinking one down, then just relax and enjoy it – I am just not sure it is worth knocking back a couple of these a day.

Energy-wise, it is about what you would expect.  I did not notice any Giant Hornet energy in me after drinking it, although I was reasonable more alert an energetic for the couple hours after I drank it.  the latte was powered by just coffee for the caffeine fix, then a little taurine and vitamin B is mixed with the GHAA mix and gave a decent boost.   I crashed somewhat about 4 hours after drinking it – but not really so much that a quick walk did not fix me right up.

Still, i am not sure I would get this just for the energy.  If I was looking for my morning coffee treat and wanted something quick and delicious, I would go for a Killer Buzz Vanilla Latte in a heartbeat.

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