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Kronik Blue Citrus

Kronik has consistently impressed me over my many years of drinking their products by almost always releasing decent drinks with decent packaging.  Sometimes they have blown me away – like when the y made their Protein Drinks, and some have been not spectacular, but still pleasant.
Kronik just released some new flavors on the public – which are very welcome to my collection.  The first one of the pack they sent me is a Full Caloried (they have some new lo-cal offerings too) Blue Citrus flavor.  Put in their new standard issue black barbed wire can, I happily grabbed this out of Bertha (yes, I named my energy drink fridge) on my way to work.

Packaging: 9
Black, barbed wire, distressed fonts and a slightly inappropriate name; Especially now that Colorado is having their whole elections issues with legislating legal pot use, I really enjoyed walking around with this drink in my hand – it made me seem more with-it, more badass, edgy and xtreme!
OK – it really did none of those things, but I still get into the packaging.The black and white design and grungy typeface work well, and have served them nicely for the six years I have been drinking Kroniks.  They work just about everything right with the design, including working in a double facing design to make life easier for C-store stockers, a listing of caffeine content – even their lid is facing right, so the label is pointing outwards while you drink it ( its so much easier to show off what you agree drinking by having the name point out when you hold it up to your mouth).
The only thing I saw was a minor point and just a personal design issue.  It was a little hard to tell this particular flavor from the other flavors – in that I had to read the smallish print in the upper lip of the can to know what flavor I am drinking.  Still, other companies could learn a lot from looking at how well Kronik puts together their can.

This is one of the few times I have had a Blue drink that did not turn out to be raspberry.  I have become so used to Blue = Raspberry I have even tasted raspberry where there was none.
There is no raspberry to be found here – it is a nice, unique flavor.  I really had no idea what to expect when cracking this open, as I had never had a Blue Citrus flavor before.  After I read the side of the can and saw they were going for tropical fruit did the flavors make sense.  Once I read that – I could easily make out that is was a pleasing slightly tropical fruit punch.  I did not really taste any of the citrus of “blue citrus”, minus the flavor of citric acid used in so many energy drinks.  It did not have the medicinal or harsh bite that many energy drinks do, and leans to the side of tasting like a soda – down to the heaviness of the High Fructose Corn Syrup.
I could see definitely grabbing a can of this again.

Of course, I would need to justify the calories to myself before I do first.  This drink is loaded with 130 calories per serving, or 260 calories per can.  That is quite a lot of empty calories, even for someone who is not necessarily counting them.  This is a heavy drink, loaded with HFCS, preservatives and food dye.

On the plus side, it also has a very impressive nutritional count.  With 150mg of caffeine, plus added guarana, there is a nice burst of the good stuff in here.  It also hasd a nice energy blend that includes 1 gram of taurine, glucosamine, clucurolactone, ginseng, inositol, milk thistle and some ginko biloba to get your brain moving, plus the full daily RDA of Vitamin B and C as well.
While this is not a stellar blow-me-out-of-the-water energy drink blend, it is still quite impressive.  I can not wait to try the lo-carb version!

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