Posted January 29, 2011 by Big Red Boots in energy gums and chews

Launch Energy Drink Gum

Caffeinated gum has been out for a while. They are almost invariably the same; cardboard wrapped little chicklet sized pieces with such little caffeine that you need to eat 4 of them just to feel any sort of buzz. Mind you – they are usually tasty, but they have also been predictable.

Not so much with Launch Gum. While they still are not caffeinated enough to just chew one piece and feel much, they are in one of the coolest packages I have ever seen. The gum itself is in the shape of a mento – which is just different enough from the square chicklets of Amp, Rockstar, Mad Croc, etc.. to make it stand out. They come in two decent flavors, a spearmint and peppermint. With the tastiness of the two flavors and the novelty of the packaging, Launch gum is poised to blast off shelves.

A Big thanks to kingofcaffeine.com for samples of this gum!

The silliest thing is they list that “one can of Launch contains the caffeine energy of around 7 energy drinks.” Automatically, your mind starts computing. 9 pieces of gum equals 7 energy drinks. So 7 energy drinks at 80mg an energy drink is 560mg of caffeine, divided by 9 equals breaking out your calculator, take a few seconds to write out write out the words boobs and hello on the number pad, and then coming up with the highly improbable number of 62.2222mg of caffeine per Mento.

I can tell you that the gum works pretty well if you keep on chewing. Fortunately, the flavor only lasts for five or ten minutes or so, so it is possible to keep popping these in your mouth. I went through about four or five of these in the course of my workday. I have let a number of people try the gum, and almost all have been positive. There is a little bitterness of the B vitamin in here, but it is overall a tasty enough gum. While it is no 5 gum, it is ok enough to enjoy chewing your caffeine for the day.

Now this is the reason to buy this gum. Sure it is a decent product, but the little energy drink tin it comes in is extra cool. I mean, it is a mini energy drink! You simply can not throw this one away when you are done with the candy – and it is built solidly enough to keep around storing your quarters and nickels for many many years. Even if you don’t care for energy gum as a whole – any energy drink connoisseur would be remiss not having one of these containers for their collection.

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