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Little i Energy Gum

I have never seen the appeal of Girly. Mind you, I am a guy, but there has always been something a little off putting about frilly, lacy and pink – and the urge to rebel against All That is Pink has even carried on to my daughter. As she grew up and wanted Barbies, I would get her Emily Strange. As her friends would get into Hello Kitty, she would show up to school with Invader Zim and Ruby Gloom dolls.

Of course, it did not stick – well not that well. While Bratz and Hello Kitty are still banned from the house, her wardrobe is still packed with Pink Frilly things, and she absolutely refuses to wear a pair of jeans. Figures.

Well, today’s sample is a celebration of the Girly. “Little I” wakes these tins of mints and gum made specifically to look cute and, dare I say, sassy. While the mints come in flavors like “High Maintenance”and have lips on the front, all of their products have 2 things in common. Firstly, they are all bubblegum pink, and secondly, they all have a little mirror on inside of the metal case. Basically, if you find things like this Tofu Cell phone holder on the right too sweet for words,, then you will just adore these.

If you find you dislike this kind of merchandise , you might find this gum almost insulting. For a nice caffeine boost, lovely taste and an even cooler package, you can pick these up over at www.kingofcaffeine.com.

Packaging: Bigredboots:3 Bigredboot’s Daughter:10
Let’s get down to it. This Canadian gum is just cuter than cute. The whole thing gives off a Sex in the City vibe, with an illustration of a woman in a pink dress running onto a train with her shopping bags. For being a small illustration, I love how the woman’s bag has a “Little I” printed on it, and there is a light definition of other people around her and a busy downtown setting, all still being clean and cutesy. For being kinda clunky (there is some bad font clashing advertising this is made “With xylitol” and “sugar free”) the outside really works.

Of course the big draw is that inside, there is a metal panel with a hole cut out so get the gum, and a shiny mirror inside so you can watch yourself chewing. I don’t get it – other than tpo be extra cutesy. I passed it along to coworkers, and the effect was as expected. The women who got into CUUUUUTE thought this was neat. the ones who didn’t found this obnoxious and insulting. My daughter, now the queen of girly, took the mirror out of the box, and uses it as a little stand. she puts her costume eye shadow and lipstick in the gum dispenser hole and now has a little dress up makeup table.

My only real issue is that there is no listing of how much caffeine is in each mint. You can’t taste the caffeine at all, so without looking at the ingredients, you might not thing there is a whole lot in them.
what they do taste of however is just a great minty flavored gum. The blue peppermint was curiously strong and sharp. The flavor actually does freshen the breath and taste lovely too. While all of my office guinea pigs might not have agreed on the package, everyone loved the gum inside. I would actually prefer this gum to many of the energy um i have had in the past. Of course, I am a bad gum chewer, and taking three pieces of gum means there is a much greater chance of my chewing with my mouth open, making smacking noises or biting my cheek open ( as I have mentioned before, I am a poor gum chewer), but these really do taste good enough for me to take that chance.

I know some people have a really hard time with chinese made foods (their standards of safe foods are much lower than ours), but these are actually just a Chinese made package. Everything else is Canadian.I like that they stayed away from the use of sugar and aspartam. For sweetener, they used Xylitol to very good effect, with a little Acesulfame Potassium and sucralose to finish things off. While I would never call this gum healthy or anything, I like the small caloric content, seeing as you could easily eat an entire tin of these in a day.

In terms of energy ingredients, there is Caffeine, Taurine, Inositol, Niacinamide, Pantothenic Acid, Riboflavin, B6, B12, and Folic Acid. While I can’t be sure, I am guessing there is around 40mg of caffeine per gum chicklet. After downing three of these, I felt much more alert and ready to tackle my day, and chewed a fourth piece about 3 hours later to keep my energy levels up. While I have certainly had stronger gum, this was a very nice, albeit weak, entry.

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