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Marley’s Mellow Mood Green Tea

When your bedroom is 105 degrees and it is 1 in the morning, anything that can help you go to sleep is a very good thing.  This last week it got so hot and sticky that going to sleep was nearly impossible, and the box fan in the window was just stirring the heatwaves.  What I needed was some cool and refreshing relief, which fortunately came in a quenching amazingly yummy Reggae form.  Marley’s Mellow Mood relaxation drink already impressed me, being a great beverage to just chill out with.

This drink comes from the Marley Beverage Co., part-owned by Marley’s 11 children. They all started a a charity website called 1Love.org, and is dedicloved to spreading a positive message to embrace charities, causes and ideas that can change the world. A portion of Mellow Mood proceeds go to 1Love.org and consumers are encouraged to do their part through monetary donations or random acts of kindness called “Marley Missions.”

Fortunately, a local convenience store has bottles of Marley’s Mellow Mood Relaxation Green Tea with Honey, and there was nothing finer on that sweltering evening than cracking this open and slugging it down my throat.  This liquid is pure bliss.

Before knocking this back, I did take a look at the ingredients and liked what I saw.   Design-wise they did a bang-up job, making this glass wrapped bottle just as pretty as their bigger metal cans.   THe colors of Ethiopia were flying clear and bright, with a poor greyscale photo of Mr. Marley in front. The can has a bunch of emblems for various charities, letting you know that what you are consuming has higher purpose than just knocking your ass out.

They did use more than honey to sweeten things, as they also list cane sugar along with it.  There was also a bunch of Sleepytime tea and a big warning about how this will make you crash from the melatonin.  This was just what I was hoping for – a bit of Rasta infused mellow to send me to sleep.  The only small suggestion would be to put the actual amount of melatonin in here – as it is one thing that people would like to know before taking.

I think the flavor was fantastic – but it was gone so quickly I could not have been certain.  THis is easier to drink and smoother than Arizona or any functional water you may have had.  Marley’s Mellow mood is silky and sweet, but not syrupy or heavy – just a simple tea flavor to help it down.

I was very happy that they managed to have almost all the bitterness from both their botanical blend as well as the melatonin hidden completely, with just a small twinge of sour coming from the green tea roots.  Even if this were not a sleepy drink I would consider drinking this all the time as just a yummy tea.

Wow!  Not 10 minutes after slugging this down I was feeling more relaxed than ever.  I thought I heard “buffalo Soldier” in my head as I was drifting off.  Of course, in about 10 seconds this turned into the Arthur (the Aardvark, not the bad movies) Theme song, thanks to too many years taking care of small kids, but Ziggy is at least close.

I have no idea of I was helped into slumber by the valerian, lemon balm, hops or chamomile, but without a doubt there was enough melatonin in here to help me pass out for a good 6 or so hours.  The nice thing was, when I woke up in the morning there were no groggy side effects – I was able to function just like I normally would.  While the weather in my house might have resembled a Florida Summer, Marley’s tea had me feeling as cool as a Jamaican Spring.

As relaxation beverages go, this one definitely tops the list.

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