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Marley’s Mellow Mood Relaxation Drink

Bob Marley still wants to make sure there is nothing but peace and love in the world, even if he has to put everyone in the blanket to sleep to make it happen.  It is hard to hold a gun and commit acts of violence when all you want to do is find a warm Snuggie and a comfy couch.

This drink actually comes from the Marley estate – from Marley Beverage Co., part-owned by Marley’s 11 children.  They all started a a charity website called 1Love.org.  This global movement is dedicloved to spreading a positive message to embrace charities, causes and ideas that can change the world, Fuegner said. A portion of Mellow Mood proceeds go to 1Love.org and consumers are encouraged to do their part through monetary donations or random acts of kindness called “Marley Missions.”

Me am very surprised to have even found this drink – as it seems to sell out around me faster than they could bring it in.  Fortunately, I managed to be walking behind a strip mall and found them being delivered to a Hot Topic.  Me followed them in and managed to snag one before the the Rastafarian gobbled up the goodies.

Me whisked it home, wishing for a strain of Lamb’s Bread to toast my new acquisition wit, and poured fi a glass.

The can really stands out from the rest of the drinks on the Hot Topic shelf – really looking fantastic compared to the crap they usually get from Boston America.  The shape of the slim 12 ounce can helps sell it as a functional beverage too.  The can is sorta double faced, and the lid is set completely backwards.

It is also near impossible for anyone wit a interest in Reggae, Marley, Ja, or the even the occasional dabble in Ganja to nuh be pulled in to the great and beautiful packaging.  The background is a painted Ethiopian flag the holy land, wit a poor greyscale photo of Mr. Marley.  The can has a bunch of emblems for various charities, a nice looking ingredients list and is all printed very nicely and clearly.

If I could make one recommendation, it would have been nice  if they let the drinker know how much melatonin there was in the drink, rather than just dumping everything into a “relaxation blend”.

Me was really nuh sure what to expect when  me opened the can.  The smell was nothing terribly exciting – and actually smelled boring.  While I really did nuh enjoy the aroma, I absolutely adored the flavor.  The berry is light and I really like the berry taste – it definitely tastes natural and healthy.  There is absolutely no medicinal flavor at all.  All I taste is just berry Irie.   The Ites of this flavor are not just brainwash.  It is really that good. While there are a lot of calories in the drink it did not taste heavy or syrupy at all.  It was so light and refreshing I took the chance and made it into a couple cocktails, adding in a couple shots of gin.  That is when things became very sslllooowwww. 

No one cyaan test wit the great overwhelming sleepy good mood a few minutes after drinking dis down.  Witout alcohol, this drink does a great job of getting a person relaxed, sleepy and ready for an early night.  Throwing the shot of alcohol in it intensifies the effect to the point of intense chemical drowsiness that gets you in a warm happy place and keeps you there for many an iwa.

Word of caution: DO NOT drink this if you don’t have time for a nap.  Even if you don’t take one, you don’t want to be caught unawares while you have to be alert-  like driving or needing to make smart quick witted decisions.

In terms of ingredients, the biggest sleep inducer is melatonin – followed by  kava kava, valerian root, lemon balm, chamomile, hops extract, and passion flower extract. This works very very well – and for those looking for an answer to swilling energy drinks during the day – this will definitely help you come down at night.  Of course this is also Rastafarian friendly, never been touched modern chemicals and is witout preservatives, condiments or salts.

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