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Mio Green Thunder Water Enhancer

Kids make dumb decisions sometimes.  They seem to have an uncanny ability to find ways to get themselves into pain and trouble, and it is up to parents to make sure they don’t end up getting sick or hospitalized.   My young children can easily buy a doubt tall Frappucino and make themselves sick by the caffeine and sugar.  No one is going to stop a young teen from shooting back a big bottle of alcoholic lemon extract or eating 10 large candy bars a day.  It seems like more often then not, when a kid gets hurt the parent’s first reaction is to blame someone else – like the seller or the company for their own lack of poor parenting.  Defensiveness is not going to solve their problem – being a proactive parent is.
The reason I bring this up is because of a delicious and very kid-friendly new product, Mio Energy, a delicious new flavor enhanced liquid made my Kraft.  Mio is like liquid candy – and has become a hit among the tween set as well.  While on a school camping trip, I saw at least half a dozen young kids popping open a Mio  and squirting it in their mouths – and all of them were their caffeinated Energy line.  The parents either did not see what they were buying for their kids – or just did not care.  All of this is fine until I had to put up with a carful of wired kiddies and had to parent someone else’s kids.  The kids knew very well what they were having – it was the parents who did not bother to read the label where it has words like “ENERGY” and “CAFFEINE” written clearly on the label.  RIding in a car with 5 amped up jittery 10 year olds is a real treat, but this is not the fault of Kraft.  Unfortunately for the kids, they were riding with me, and not only did I confiscate all their awesome delicious Mio, but they got  lecture about becoming kids and insane amounts of caffeine to boot.  I don’t mind my kids having some caffeinated goodness, but this stuff can pack serious whallop.
Mio looks cool.  everything from the shape of the bottle to the label to their innovative packaging works splendidly.  The printing job is clean and clear and well defined, and it is very easy to read what you are squirting in your mouth.  The best thing about Mio is the cool hard shell it comes in.  The little flip-top lid has a snap on it so you can be sure none of it is leaking out while you carry it around.  I had a couple in my pocket for a long time without worry of staining my pants.  The liquid comes out only when you squeeze it, as it does not pour or even drip out even without the cap.  Of course, this also means that it is near to impossible to determine exactly how much is in a shot.  I get about 9-12 squirts per bottle, and there are 18 servings in here.  
About the kiddie influence, you would think there are enough warnings on here that they should be out of hot water.  There  is the big warning that states they’re not for children, and another stating it should not be added to alcohol.  They helpfully list the caffeine as well as all the other ingredients too.  It is not like this has a giant cartoon giraffe or camel on it – and certainly does not seem any more kid friendly than a pack of Crystal Light.  It is, however, a brilliant and uniquely designed package perfect for the liquid it contains.
Pouring out the Mio is easy enough, as the spill proof lid shoots out an easy stream of liquid right into your glass (or in my cases right into my mouth).  Of course the drinker can decide on how much Morning thunder they get to taste when they add it into their favorite beverage.  Yes it is supposed to be added to water, but that does not necessarily have to be the case.  The flavor is so strong that it will definitely sweeten up whatever you add it to – so be careful when adding to an already sweet drink.  Fruit Juice is definitely out – giving it an over sweet and almost saccharin-y taste.  The same holds true when adding to sprite or Diet Mountain Dew.  There is just too much non-nutritive sweetener to handle that much sugar.  However, this went great is a big glass of Sleepytime tea, and makes for one killer martini when added to a bit of vodka. 
It is pretty obvious why this is just named Green Thunder, as it is a bunch of citrus flavors without really settling on any particular kind of sourness.  This is equivalent to a Mountain Dew in a Squeeze Pop.  This instantly reminded me of a Kool Aid or any other fruit punch – on lemony-limey-grapefruit themed.   When I did pour it into my work water bottle, it gave off an eerie green mystique, one that drew attention and looked vaguely sinister. While it did not dye my tongue green, I fully expected to be loaded with green food dye for a long while.
The kick totally depends on how much you feel like shooting down – but there certainly is enough kick in here to cause some serious damage.  The 1.6 ounce bottle has 18 servings of Mio, and each serving has 60mg of caffeine in it.   If you add it up, that means that the small bottle contains over a gram of caffeine – enough to cause some major heart palpitations if you are not careful.  I actually find it hard to pace myself and not go through an entire bottle in one day, keeping to my 500mg a day limit.  For an adult, having over a gram of caffeine in your body would make you feel sick and definitely overdosed on caffeine.  There would not be any lasting side effects except a definite overstimulation.  While Mio might only have a moderate 60mg of caffeine per 8 ounce cup, it is really too easy to drink more Mio than you expected – popping back a half a bottle in a day.   

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