Posted July 7, 2008 by Big Red Boots in energy soda pop

Monster Black Ice Slurpee

Summertime means many things. For some, it is the start of swimming pools, relaxing days on the beach and warm sunset walks. For others it is headaches of having to look after bored kids, turning on the AC and sunburns. For me, the Summer is Slurpee season, the time of year when I find myself staring at the 7-Eleven stores in my area salivating for icy cool refreshment.

Slurpee has been around a long time – over 40 years. 7-Eleven actually began selling frozen carbonated drinks two years before coming up with the Slurpee moniker in 1965, named for the straw’s slurping sound. I have since found my favorite machine filled with all sorts of wonders, from watermelon-banana to Halo3 flavors. Starting this year – I have seen some very surprising and very delicious choices appear. First, in April, they released Amp Energy Freeze – an energy drink slurpee. Later, there was the full throttle variety ( 2 flavors, actually) and finally now their best flavor yet, Monster Black Ice. Along with the drink is some very cool cups and even an awesome aluminum straw just perfect for getting cooled off. Monster’s graphics team was able to create a special “M” claw logo that suggests the icy coldness of a SlurpeeThere is a cool 3d claw reaching form the drink – and my favorite part – the drink itself is black. Maybe a tinge purple, but for all intents and purposes, this is the first black Slurpee in its history. This is also monster’s first non canned drink. All others have been drank out of aluminum, and with their cool metal straw you can make this one just as metallic.

And like the other energy drink flavors, this one actually packs a punch too! Using Monsters proprietary blend of energy drink stuff, they pack all the good stuff in here. Their cool 32 ounce Slurpee cup has 252 calories and 168mg of caffeine. They also have 1000 mg of taurine. inositol, vitamin b, niacin, l-carnatine, gluroconactone, etc… in there too. If the caffeine does not wake you up, the sugar content and frozen awesomeness will perk you up without question.

Big Red Boots