Posted December 6, 2009 by Big Red Boots in energy juice

Monster M-80

M-80 is Monster Khaos’ big brother, a drink that is more juice, more flavor, and just about everything you would want in an energy juice, except for maybe that other 20% too. Energy Juice is a great idea – something non-coffee flavored to get your morning out right.

As far as their stupid little paragraph explanation goes (Monster is the king of stupid explanation paragraphs), This flavor was inspired by smells in the air on the shores of Oahu.Now I can certainly see how this could be inspired by the flavor of Oahu, but the smell? Now I have been to beaches many times in my life, and I would not say they were even close to fragrant. The smell is usually one of salt, fish, and the occasional putrid whale carcass.

Monster drinks are the best when you know what you are getting into. All monsters have a similar taste and feel, which is great as long as you are not expecting something organic and top tier, or in this case, even a Rumba, Samba or Tango (Hansens 100% energy juice drinks). I found this Monster to be really tasty, much more so than Khaos. Really, If you love the tropical flavor, you will go nuts over this.

Now for those who want to party, that is where the resourcefulness of this drink really kicks in. Add a little Spiced Rum to this for a real tropical experience, a drink that is sure to be a HUGE hit at any pirate party. I also tried this with a decent vodka for a great Sunday morning tropical screwdriver. Thing is, the flavor is so light and juicy, it lends itself to a huge number of delicious alcoholic combinations.

I really enjoyed seeing all their fruit juices in here, although I could have done without the filler of apple juice. Besides the filler, there is still passion fruit, pineapple juice and guava puree, as well as their proprietary energy blend, with l-carnatine, taurine and panax ginseng.

In terms of energy, it is all monster. Either the 164mg of caffeine plus guarana in the Monster energy blend is something you look forward to, or it does nothing for you. I LOVE monster’s energy blend, and it never ceases to kick things up a notch or three for a solid couple hours.

Better than most of the other monsters, mainly because of the cool brushed metal riveted design behind the Monster logo – reminiscent of Unbound Energy. It looks almost exactly like Khaos, except yellow instead of orange. While I have certainly seen better, I have also seen much much worse.

Big Red Boots