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Monster Muscle Mocha Protein Shake

I was looking for this new monster flavor for quite a long time, since I saw it showing up on blogs and heard friends talking about it. Yet no matter where I looked for it, there was no sign.   Little did I know I had to look at the coffee drinks to find them away from all the workout supplements and energy drinks. 

I imagine it is an issue with distributors and shelf space,  either way I am so glad I finally came across this yummy workout treat.  Monster muscle is very different than all the dozens of Monsters out there.  This one is not only non-carbonated but also thicker than you would expect – almost like a real shake. I see why they put there with the biggest, but isn’t even close to any sort of coffee drink.  Monster Muscle belongs next to the powders. EAS  and other sports /  nutrition drinks.

Packaging : 9
this is exactly what monster needed for their package designers,  a unique specific target group – and they go after them with a vengeance.  This design screams put to muscleheads that this is THE thing they need for the gym, blending in the Monster logo, unexpected appealing over the top MUSCLE wording All wrapped in folds of brown silk backgrounds. You know going into this drink that it is a drink specially formulated to appeal to gym rats and pretty much nobody else.  They do a great job listing the protein, caffeine and ingredients clearly and prominently on the can,  and making it look so pretty and brutal at the same time.

I know it took lawsuits and court orders before they got round to listing the  caffeine content, but while I am very against stricter drink regulations, knowing how much caffeine my monster has is a good thing.. The usual dumb paragraph these written by 50 year olds trying to appeal to teens didn’t even irritate me like they usually do.  Overall this is a really decent job.

I had literally no idea what to expect from this Monster . They list this as a coffee shake. But seeing as this drink is  not really being marketed to the coffee drinker, I did not hold up much hope that this would taste like a regular coffee. Most protein drinks end up having a sour chalky flavor to them, which does not lend itself well witness coffee flavors.

For a protein shake Monster did about as good as expected, with a nice smooth ultra thick coffee shake with no bitter notes from the caffeine nor chalkiness of the protein. What I really appreciate is that they managed to make something something so thick not taste really heavy.  The flavor was still light enough to make thus pretty enjoyable,  although knocking one of these back while working out would coat my mouth too much to enjoy it.  Now don’t expect this to taste like real coffee, as it has about as much in common with that as it does with

It is fine that it is too thick for taking to the gum, as there is really nothing in here to help during a workout or cardio session.  This is really good as a pre-lifting drink, something to help you get pumped and energized before lifting heavy metal. There is nothing in here to help hydrate or recover from exercise,  so to drink this properly you should down it a little while before getting down to business.
As for what it does have, there is more whey protein in a Muscle Monster than your body can even metabolize (25g), a moderate  dose of caffeine(160mg), and some energy stuff lime b vitamins.   The important things here is the caffeine and protein, and while I would have loved a bit more caffeine, and it would have been nice to see other weightlifting supplements in here like creative, it is still decent enough that I can see working this onto my lifting routine occasionally.

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