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Nawgan brain boosting energy drink

My son recently got hit by a car and smashed his poor melon up.  He managed to crack his skull up and got blood all inside his brain.  Besides being hella painful, it also let to worries of bad long term brain injuries.  Fortunately, the worst of the damage is he has lost his sense of smell, but we had to visit a number of brain doctors to be sure he was suffering from some unknown mental malady.

One of the things the doctor did for his neurosurgeon salary – was test his immediate, short term and long term memory.  He had him remember a series of items, and then after about 30 seconds tell them back in order.  My son did it no problem, but I will be darned if I could not remember what half of those items were.  I found proof of something I have always suspected, that I my immediate recall memory did not work so well.

This is where today’s energy drink review – Nawgan is brain boosting energy drink, akin to Brain Toniq and Thinq.  The idea is to give your mind that extra little boost to help it along.  The more interesting thing is what they use to do it.  I wold have expected the standard “brain-Boosters”, like Ginko Biloba and Theanine, but this went a very different route with cognizin, the brand name of citicoline.  Just as importantly, it taste pretty good and looks fun in the process.  Nawgan was nice enough to send along some samples – both caffeinated and non-caffeinated for me to try out.

You can not miss that this is a brain drink.  Even once you get the name (Noggin?  Geddit?) it has a very pretty multicolored brain on the front, Also just importantly it says right in front that it is Non-carbonated – which because of my bad pre-Nawgan brain skills I did not read and was surprised by.  The design looks very clean  – especially for packing in all their text, and it looks minimal without being to clinical.

Functionally, they do amazingly well.  They do list the caffeine content which I am grateful for, and for those who are concerned they are gluten free as well.  They double – face the can so it is easy to read and stock on the shelf, They even go so far as to position the lid so the design faces the correct direction (outwards) when drinking!

Taste:  Berry:8   Orange:9
I did not know what to expect from Nagwan, other than it being non-carbonated.  Usually non-carbonated drinks use something recognisable as a base, like tea or fruit juice.  In this case, there was none – it was more like a functional water flavor than anything.
The nice thing about both of these flavors is they are very lightly flavored.  This has no overpowering notes or anything not easy to drink and yummy to boot.  It is lightly sweetened in either a floral orange peel flavor or a mixed berry.  The berry tastes a little artificial, or maybe it was just not as specific a flavor as the orange was.  Both are very good, but the orange one tastes like real orange, and was light enough to have a couple of them through the day and not feel the glack that orange soda usually leaves in my mouth.

While this drink is supposed to give you energy, the bigger reason to drink this is to give your brain a much needed boost.  Fortunately for me, there was a bona-fide test they have on their website to test brain function – for a before/after test.  You can take the test yourself at http://memory.nawgan.com and see how goodly your brain working is.  Turns out – my memory was not improved at all after 3 different tries with the samples I had.  The before and after scores had me improving my number score by 1 point, but losing in the word recognition area.  All three times it showed that I might have done better with coffee than Noggin

To power my noggin, this drink is full of 100 mg of caffeine, citicoline and lycopene in it, and that is just about it.  Unfortunately, after numerous tests, I was just as brainless as before, not scoring any better on the tests after I drank than before.  What I did get however was a nice little buzz, about the same as from a good strong cup of coffee.  I am not sure if this is one of those drinks that you need to drink for a month until you feel a difference, but in terms of an immediate brain boost this  is fail.  I gave the two cans of their caffeine-free they sent along with my kids lunch, and they reported no difference either (although they thought they were pretty tasty).  I might get this for the light boost and pleasing flavor, but nutritionally and  functionally Nawgan is pretty weak.

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