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Neuro Sleep drink

I have a problem with Neuro drinks, and not much of it is related to the drinks themselves, but the fact that the company slighted me in the past.  I really don’t mind when companies don’t want me samples, but Neuro wrote me back that they took a look at my reviews, and thought they would pass.  So after being spurned, hurt and a little offended, I really want to dislike Neuro Sleep.

But I cant.

I like Neuro Sleep so much I am afraid of this turning into a long term passive-aggressive relationship.  Neuro Sleep does pretty much exactly what relaxation drinks should do: It provides a nice dose of sleepy chemicals to help you mellow and pass out, it tastes pretty damn good and it it is light on preservatives and calories.  Not only does it not use obnoxious packaging, but even comes in its own cooland unique bottle.  As much as I want to talk crap about this drink, I love it way too much.

Like all Neuro drinks, this comes in their very unique and award winning bottle – something that not only stands out on the cooler shelf, but also is fun to hold.  It looks a bit like a lava lamp version of a rocket ship – and it really unlike any other bottle out there.  It has a unique cap which works like a regular bottle cap but looks way cooler.   I know someone at instructables.com is going to make one into a lava lamp – it is just a matter of time.

Functionally, the bottle has all the stuff it should have.  It lists all the ingredients nicely, along with all its sleep chemicals.   Everything form the design to the layout is done in exemplary fashion.  All around this is a job well done.

I loved the flavor if Neuro Sleep too, as much as I wanted it to taste like garbage.   It is not blow-you-away amazing, but I caught the flavor right off – this tastes like a Mandarin Orange Sunny D.  While that might not sound delicious, it really works.  It is easy to drink, which is good because the bottle is not that small.  I have heard of people who after crashing for the night ended up having to wake up a couple hours later having to pee. It would make sense, really, for a sleep drink maybe a giant bottle is not such a good idea.

Still, drinking it is very easy, and the flavor is light and fruity, if not a little chemical.

this is the part of Neuro I completely expected to fail.  While they do have a nice blend of sleep ingredients in here, there just did not seem like there was enough of them to really do the trick.  They put Theanine in here, which is great to help you concentrate, but not really a relaxing compound.  Same thing with Taurine and magnesium.  However, maybe they are onto something when all of these are compounded with the main sleep agent – melatonin, to give it that boost.   I ama  big fan of melatonin, and it usually does not fail to drop me like I’m hot.  What I can tell you is this works – and works very well.

I took my bottle on a particularly stressful night – a night in which my work did not allow my brain to turn off. I was doing calculations when I was closing my eyes, missing much sleep for days trying to finish a project, and needing to take a break.  I downed the drink n no time – and did not expect to be feeling tired anytime soon.  That opinion changed when I found myself asleep on my floor  short time later, trying to make it downstairs to turn of lights and such.  My wife had to finish the tasks as just crawling into bed was a herculean task.    As much as I don’t like the brand, I can’t argue with the results.

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