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Nos Active Energy Raspberry Lemonade

Finally.  Some things are just such simple ideas when it comes to caffeinated drinks that I am not surprised most of the market has not come out with a beverage that covers it.  For example, people used energy drinks to keep awake while driving, so drink companies came out with their caffeine products in gum form so it is more convenient on the go.  Same holds true for protein energy drinks for helping muscle workouts in the gym.

Next on the list for the big drink companies to try their hand at is hydrating energy drinks, something that only a handful of niche energy drinks, such as Hydrive, have released.   Well now some big players like Coca Cola and Rockstar are trying their hand at the fake Kool Aid-esque salty drinks, and really the marriage of these two beverages is just a given.  This is one of those products that should have some out years ago.  NOS Active Energy is the first of the Big Boys I found at my local convenience store – and according to all the press releases this is a big deal for the Coca Cola crew, who seem to be favoring NOS over their legacy Full Throttle line.

This is in just about what you would expect an energy ade to come in – a clear PET bottle with a sliver of lid.  It looks good – and there is a lot of it to be drunk too, which is fine.  Thee i really nothing special here, but the design is all-right, and they were nice enough to list all their ingredients including the caffeine content as well.  While I personally would have increased the NOS logo to emphasize their branding, it is still a decent job without any real gotchas.

Raspberry Lemonade is like Powerade Strawberry Lemonade only with the added benefit of the caffeine kick.  Gatorades and Powerades were meant for a specific purpose – and this NOS is no different.  Having it as an energy drink just to keep you awake during the day is missing the point.  This is made for times when an active workout it leaving you dehydrated and tired.  Just drinking it if not active it tastes like salty Kool Aid.  But , if you just finished a heavy workout or a couple hours in the yard, This is Mana from heaven!   It turns from just an ordinary drink so something special that instantly quenches your thirst as well as picks you up.

There could be something mental about this too, but I know that I have actually chosen this over beer after spending the afternoon tilling and mowing and raking – it really hits the spot.

Yes, it is a good 221mg of caffeine, but that is in the entire 22 ounce bottle.  That means that even though that sounds like a lot of energy, it really has as much caffeine per ounce as your basic Monster or Red Bull.

So yes, it is not a lot of caffeine, but it is when you think of how easy it is do slam down a bottle of this yummy lemonade.   Unlike carbonated sodas, it is a little too easy to drink down the bottle in a few minutes, leaving the rush of caffeine to come on pretty strong.   I tried this a couple times, both before during and well after a workout, and I can definitely tell the difference in energy boost as well as recovery.  As a regular energy drink for anytime use, I would probably shy away from it, but the potassium and sodium flush back into your body plus the caffeine to speed energy is really a fantastic mix.

Just because Nos Active Energy  has Active in the title it is healthy in terms of ingredients, as this THE MOST UNNATURAL DRINK I I HAVE EVER TRIED.   The only thing Iin here that did not come from a lab somewhere is the water, and I am even suspect about that.  Excepting for the water, NOS contains a whole slew of unpronounceable ingredients, such as Sodium Hexametaphosphate (a preservative), Potassium Sorbate (another preservative), Potassium Phosphate and Potassium Benzoate (Still another preservative), Calcium Disodium EDTA (could it be, YES! A fourth preservative), sweetened by Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium, and made to look and taste pretty thanks to artificial flavors and colors.

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