Posted September 19, 2012 by Big Red Boots in caffeinated candy

Outburst Energy Bites update

I was fortunate to review Outburst Energy Bites about a year ago.  These little treats were perfect, except for a few problems with packaging.  Well now Outbursts have a brand new look, one that is so shiny and new that it really turns these little candied bites into a whole new product. They thoughtfully sent me a few samples so I could enjoy them all over again.  If you want some for yourself, you can find them online at www.outburstenergy.com, and if you go hunting I am told they are sold in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Washington, D.C and Texas too.  For only a couple bucks these make a great way to munch your way through a great energy buzz.

I mentioned before how this company would benefit from a design firm, and did they ever!  They still used their paper box to hold the treats, but the box was the cool part before.  Gone is the  immature fonts,  plain and nondescript art and confusing text.  Instead, they have a lovely designed energy candy, even though the package was very clear that it was not a candy but a grownup caffeine goodie.

In terms of laying out the info, they did a great job with colors and style while letting the eater know the important facts like how much caffeine they will be consuming – which will be the whole pack in very short order.

Taste:  Chocolates:8   Peanut Chocolate:7   Chocolate Mint:9
I am not sure if they actually revamped their chocolates, or just the packaging, but I feel like the chocolate they used was a bit different, and tastier than it was last year.  I still did not much care for the peanut, but the chocolate variety was actually tasty – and I distinctly remember being disappointed in it before.

The chocolate ones were still like  very large Sixlets – though the candy wrapped shell was around some decent tasting chocolate.  It was still a little bitter, but more like the bitter of a dark chocolate than the bitter of foul tasting energy ingredients.

The Peanut version is about the same as it was before, only the harshness stands out from the other flavors now, and could use a bit of a touch up.  My son said it tasted like they wrapped it in dark chocolate, only the bad kind you find on holidays and for school fundraisers in front of grocery stores.

The best flavor is still the chocolate  mints – a delicious and refreshing chocolate candy treat.  These little chocolatey pepperminty bites  have almost none of that caffeine and vitamin flavor that the other treats did.  The mint oil is the perfect mask to the other energy ingredients.  Like last time, there is enough peppermint flavor that they are not only delicious, but they can freshen your breath after a big lunch.  These small crunchy bites were a pleasure to munch through.

Fortunately, they did not mess with their buzzy rush of ingredients at all; keeping the calories low – around 12 in a bite – and a good dose of caffeine along with  30% of your daily value of Vitamin B  6 and 12, and a little handful of taurine too.

The 80mg per serving is really perfect for a treat of this size.  Even if you are tempted to eat the entire box in one go (as I did with both the peanut and mint variety), I only consumed 240mg of caffeine, which gave me a HUGE rush, but nothing that you could not find in a triple espresso.  Like the last time, I did take a box and spread it out over four hours or so at work, and kept a nice caffeine buzz going in me for a solid day without jittering or turning into mush.

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