Posted November 6, 2011 by Big Red Boots in international caffeine

Panther Energy drink

What if your energy drink is not selling well enough?  If you live in Asia, the answer seemingly is find another stock photo of an animal or sports guy, throw it on a can filled with exactly the same liquid they are always filled with and see if it does any better.  In this case we have Panther energy drink, presumably brought to you by the same Asian grocers that I found  Classic energy drink (bodybuilder on front), D’x Power (karate dude on front), Super Lion (70’s looking disco lion),  M-150 energy drink (sheriff star on front), Chin Chin Vitality Boost (kickboxers), and My favorite of the genre, Commmando Bear 2000.

What is interesting is many of these drinks are made by different companies was that even though these drinks have the same ingredients and taste the same, someone somewhere thought that coming out with Panther energy drink was important.  This one was brought over by Oriental food giants, the Anhing Corporation out of Los Angeles, the folk behind Super Bull, White Elephant, and Lucky Man Coffees.    

It is pretty obvious this is no Carabao energy drink. I like the nearly indestructible gold can that many  Thai drinks come in.  This is some super strong aluminum – and it takes the full power of a panther to crush.  Panther comes in a gold squat chunk, reminiscent of a juice box more than a soda.   Of course you are not going to get much information out of this package, but that is to be expected.

I was actually hoping for more Thai design somewhere on the can, but it looks like this has the bare minimum needed to get it through customs and packaged up by Anhing.  There is no caffeine listed, nor are any of the energy ingredients prominent.  Really, if it were not for the clip-art panther on the front it would be hard to tell this was an energy drink at all.

What makes this can worse than the others in the genre is this one has no fun value to it.  There are no cheese boxers or bull skulls, just a bad line art of a generic panther – and there is just much less fun in it.

Like all the others, this tastes like an overly sweetened non-carbonated pineapple/apple juice.  I am surprised to find no apple juice in the ingredients list, I found it tasted a whole lot like apple juice.   The consistency was also very reminiscent of juice, being viscous – like a bottle of syrup.

Looking at the ingredients list does not help either.  There is no listing of other flavorings, and really might be the flavor of citric acid and a massive load of sugar.   It does not taste bad, but it can be very overwhelming.

There is also some Taurine, Inositol, Glucurolactone and  Vitamin B, but you know any energy you get is going to be the same thing as chugging Maple Syrup.

Most of these Thai energy drinks have around 50mg of caffeine, a bit less than a Diet Mountain Dew in a smaller 8 ounce serving.  That means you are going to need to down a full can extra if you are used to a Monster or Red Bull’s amount of energy.  Truthfully, I think that knocking back three cans of Panther would make your teeth rot out of your skull just be passing that much sugar through your mouth.  Also, there are 190 calories in this small can, so drinking an American energy drink’s worth of caffeine would amount to more calories than a Big Mac and a Red Bull combined.

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