Posted May 27, 2011 by Big Red Boots in energy gums and chews

Plow On Energy Gum Revisited

One of my favorite feelings as a reviewer is when a product that is almost decent listens to criticism, fixes the product, and releases something killer to consumers.   Plow On Energy gum is retooled, re-focused and the universe is a better place because of it.

I reviewed this energy gum almost a year ago (you can read that review here).  I liked it, but there was some definite room for improvement.  The flavor before was bitter and harsh – and I really disliked the texture of the gum itself.  I like the idea of caffeinated candy being a yummy treat, but also working as a straight mint or candy or gum too.  The packaging was close before, but seemed a little trite – having a snorting bull on the front.  I got it – what with the red packaging and the bull and all, but it was unnecessary and seemed a little too heavy handed and Xtreme for my tastes.

So they fixed it and sent it back to me. 

While the pouch is still the same, so much of the art has changed – all for the better.  They still list their caffeine up front and have their slogans and such – but they tidied it all up too.  The grunge fonts have all gone away, as well as that silly bull illustration too!  There is still the use of the  non-resealable baggie you are supposed to fold over to seal up (it does not really seal, as much as the metal inner lining keeps it’s shape and crushes), but there might be no way around that one.  While this might now win any innovations in package design, it is a pretty fantastic clean up job

Taste: 10
This was one of the weakest points of the gum – where it tasted harsh and crumbly.  Plow On is 100% better than it was – and works as a breath freshening gum as well as having the burst of energy.  I gave out redemption pieces to everyone who tried the gum before – and it was agreed by all that this is one of the best caffeine gum in the market.  The flavor is great regardless of the energy ingredients, which barely have any flavor now at all.
Also gone is the crumbly texture.  Now once you make it past the hard crunchy outer gumball shell, the whole thing turns delicious in your mouth.

For more information about the buzz – you can read about it in my older review here, as that was not updated when they remade the new look and taste.  In short – I can tell you that on the energy score – Plow On will not let you down.

Big Red Boots