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Primer Breath Spray

At home, not having a sense of smell can be handy.  I can walk into my teen’s bedroom and not be bowled over by the smell of sweat socks.  There is always a smelly chore to do – and I can clean up sewage, waste, and rotten food like I was handling a basket of flowers.  While it definitely has some disadvantages, I don’t really mind the times my allergies make me lose one of my senses.

Work is a different story. Having little sense of smell has lead to me being acutely aware of anything smelly I might be doing out of house.  Am I SURE I remembered deodorant?  Should I not bring fish for lunch?  Did I have too much garlic on my bagel?  I try very hard not to bring my wife’s amazing chili for lunch – because a Silent but Deadly would stealthily kill my workers and I would have no idea.

This is why I have fallen deeply in love with primer breath spray.  Not only is it highly caffeinated, but it makes sure that my co-workers are not going to keep over if I have anchovies for lunch.  A huge THANKS goes out to kingofcaffeine for sending me a sample of this amazing breath freshener.

I have been meaning to try this for a very long time.   I have had caffeine spray before, but Kickers Energy Spray and Baboom did not really do anything for actually preventing bad breath.  Not to mention, Primer actually looks like a breath spray – something you would pull out of your pocket after a meal or if you were late night bar hopping and scored a post-martini kiss.

I love this look over the old design that I have seen on the web.  Cool and sleek wins over their clunky street art design.
I found a couple small problems with this design however.  Firstly, there is no mention on the slick canister of exactly how much caffeine there is in a spray.  This makes it hard to use to actually get energy, because overdoing it is too easy  – so most of my test subjects just took one spray – for fear of over-caffeinating themselves..  At 33mg per spray, this is something they really should advertise just how strong they are.   I have seen this for sale now in blister packaging – which might alleviate this issue.  But seeing as mine were just the canisters themselves, I really would have liked to have know that before I sprayed 10 shots in my mouth.

The other issue is with the sticky cap.  If you let this sit in your pocket for a short time, I found two things happen with enough frequency to give me pause.  The first is that it leaks a little.  Not enough to get your pocket wet, but enough to make the cap a little sticky.  This little stickiness is also enough to gum up the sprayer and make things not work. Mind you, a little soak in hot water cleaned things right up, but it would be good if the package

Taste: Pepprmint :9 cinnamint:10
Products that usually have a lot of caffeine and B vitamins in a small concentrate usually taste nasty.  The flavor of caffeine might be hidden, but B vitamins are so strong and chalky – it is rough swallowing just a little of it.
Primer sprays seem to have no problems with this though – coming out with two flavors that just plain rock.

No bitterness – no harshness – no canned flavor of cough syrup, but real minty fresh strong flavor in each spray.  It even freshens your breath too!  I am less of a fan of the peppermint, as it was a little more harsh than I was expecting.  However, the Cinnamint was dead on. Everyone who tried the cinnamint instnatly fell in love. Some people’s reactions were a little wore weird than others (“OOH – It tastes just like Triaminic- I LOVE Triaminic!”) but the flavor was unanimously a hit.

With every squirt, you get a nice dose of caffeine, ginseng, taurine, B1 and B5.  We know how much caffeine now from their web site, and many others.  However, there is no mention at all of the taurine, ginseng and Bs: but I can tell you there is enough to get jittery on!

Primer works without needing to hit your stomach – being dissolved into your bloodstream through your mouth and tongue.  Because of this, the buzz will hit you faster and take less time to go through you.  In about 1 minute you can be feeling the effects of having that sweet caffeine buzzing throughout your system.

After my initial mistake of doing 8-10 sprays in my mouth at one time ( now THAT is a buzz only meant for professionals like me)  a normal 3 -4 sprays is enough to get a good energy buzz going – and you can keep it there very easily with another 1-2 sprays for as long as you want to remain peppy.  I kept a nice buzz going with no crash for about 8 hours – giving myself a couple sprays every hour or so.  And not only did that make me happy, but I am sure it made my co-worker’s noses just as happy too.

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