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Protegy Protein Energy

Protegy protein Drink had me excited. I LOVE the idea of a workout drink that actually does what I need it to in the gym. I want something with protein for my muscles, caffeine to help me maintain, but without cars sugar or extra calories, which I definitely DO NOT need in a big workout. I usually start out my mornings with some cottage cheese or a protein bar, but my problem with those is they have lots of calories and no caffeine, so I am left taking something else for my caffeine.

Nutrition: 9
Better than an energy drink – tastier than a protein bar, Protegy does a very nice job giving you the basic nutritional needs for a hard gym workout – regardless if you are there to lose weight, gain muscle or get more in shape.
This drink has 110 calories in here, much less than you would find in an energy or workout bar, and a bit less than in other high-fructose-corn-syrup laden energy drinks. I loved the 25 grams of whey protein packed into here – more than enough for a powerful workout. IT also has juices from the pomegranate and the acai, to to their antioxidant thing., a full lineup of B and C vitamins.

The energy ingredients were nice, but certainly nothing spectacular. The drink has 80 milligrams of caffeine, a bunch of b-vitamins and ginseng in the 12 ounce can. So mot too much in terms of getting you going on the treadmill, although it might make that added push to get you to the gym in the morning. I would have really liked it if this drink boosted the caffeine content up a bit, so it would actually be a help in the gym as well.

I did find some small conceits, however. For a sports type drink – or something with high aerobics, this is not the drink for you. This drink is sodium and potassium free, and really does not replenish like a sports drink would. Also, compared to other protein energy drinks, such as BooKoo Burner and Kronik’s protein energy, This drink could have gone a little further in the energy category. I wish there was more caffeine or aminos to increase my workout endurance, or more bodybuilder ingredients, such as carnitine, creatine or Beta-Alanine.

Protegy has a whole lot going for it in terms of nutrition. In taste, however, it is definitely no the cream of the crop. Now, this is certainly no less tasty than chewing my way through a nasty performance bar or gritting my teeth through one of those revolting power shakes. But as much as I wanted to like this drink, I just could not get past the overall taste.

The whey protein was thick in here, so it had that chalky milkiness in it, enhanced by the sharp berry bite. All of the flavor was strong, so it did not make for a really good drink to have during an aerobic session. The carbonation also added to the wierdness, and led to burps on the exercise machine(Good thing the gym was empty that day). Compared to Whey Up, Boo Koo and Kronik, this one is not my workout favorite.

Protegy is really quite beautiful. You could tell there was some real time and thought put into this package, from color scheme and fonts to choosing the can design. The name and logo are big, bold and easy to read. More than that though, this is the type of drink that you won’t feel ashamed bringing with you into your trendy fitness centers.This bold and beautiful black design is on printed on a Rexam slim 12 ounce can that looks downright fantastic.
As for the basics, They list the caffeine and other ingredients, rather than hide them in a “proprietary energy blend” which is nice. There is no double facing,although they tried a little by putting their lion emblem in another panel. I like the lion design, but I am still thinking it was a good idea to have it on the back so there would be no competition with their logo.
They also have a very unique slogan. While other companies use the space to tout how good ther drink is, Protegy asks us to send them a video on their website, so they can help their drinkers reach their fitness goals.
The only con I could find is the lid. It would be nice if it were placed with more care, so the cool logo would point outwards while drinking – so it is easier to show off to the world the great design. Still, this is a pretty minor point for something done so well.

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