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Protein to Go French Vanilla Latte energy shot

Protein to Go does not make their caffeinated French Vanilla Latte energy shots any more.  At first I thought this was because of the exorbitant four bucks you need to spend on the energy shot – which really does not seem worth any two ounces of liquid.   But no…  Turns out the reason they are not making it any more might have something to do with the recall of the product – Seems that unbeknownst to me when buying this at my local 7 11, this drink might contain Clostridium botulinum – a bacterium which can cause life-threatening illness or death. The good news is this energy shot did not kill me – the bad news is that they are still selling it in stores around me even after the recall – and it really is not that great a shot to begin with.

Truthfully, I was not so excited to give this energy shot a try – mainly because the combination of coffee flavor, protein and caffeine in an energy shot is not destined for greatness.  As a matter of fact,t he only time a coffee energy shot was any good was in Rip It’s Java Mite.   Other than that one time, the combo is a bad idea.  When you add in all that whey protein, you are begging for a bad time – especially now that it seems you can get a deadly bacteria in it as well.

The overall look works pretty well for all the PTG shots – they have a unique bottle shape,and they do a nice job making the graphics that are consumer friendly – meant for all sorts of occasions than just muscleheads at the gym.  You can tell from the outset that this is a drink meant for any active people – and would work just as well being pulled form the inside of a handbag as well as a gym bag.

They do a decent job listing the ingredients too – listing the caffeine content as well as all the other information in a very clear and easy to read manner.  If I were to package a drink that would cause people to have double vision, blurred vision, drooping eyelids, slurred speech, difficulty swallowing, dry mouth, and muscle weakness, this would be a great way to unassumingly make consumers suck it down.

At the time I drank this – I had not known that it could contain evil.  As a matter of fact, this is still sold in all the stores surrounding me  – and now I have to do my duty of going around and pulling them from the 7 11 store shelves myself and informing the manager they are selling tainted products.

Now, looking back, I wonder if I could taste the botulism, or if the mixture of coffee and sour whey protein and caffeine just left a bad taste in my mouth because it tasted bad.  Either way, this was not an enjoyable drink to have even before I found out I just drank a recalled product.

The closest thing I found to this flavor is a Coffee yogurt – only this had a sharp sour cream flavor to it too, like I was drinking a mixture of berries and french vanilla coffee – only mixed up with plain yogurt. It was all around not a pleasant experience.  

If it were not for the killer bacteria in here, I would say that they had at least a decent amount of energy and nutrition in here, but now I am not so sure.

There was around 125mg of caffeine in here, which is more than enough for a good gym workout – and when you add in the 28 grams of protein, it is a decent combination of ingredients.  Mind you there were over 100 calories in this little shot – which is a lot for a drink that proposes to be all for the gym and staying healthy, but it is expected with all this protein as well.

If it were not for the fact that these drinks are not being made any more by PTG and the rest on the shelves might get you violently ill, I would actually say this works well for the gym.  There was enough energy to get me going to the gym, and enough protein to really fuel my muscle routine as well.   Sadly, it seems this drink is also just what I need to get me tot he hospital too.

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