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Pure Kyk Energy Powder

Back when I was in college, during exam time I mixed together this horrid concoction of Diet Mountain Dew, No Doz and espresso.  It wired me to all hell, but of course it was the nastiest thing ever invented.  I chalk it up to youth, and the crazy education you get at a sleepy mountain liberal arts college.

Now two Purdue students did it right – coming up with a nice little powder that they could actually market and have their dom mates test for them.  They were smart and actually did taste and kick tests out on their friends and it looks like it worked.  A friend who tried my swill back twenty years ago still has a hard time drinking Diet Mountain Dew.

Pure Kyk is an energy powder that much like other energy mixes is supposed to be added to the liquid of your choice to caffeinated pretty much anything you choose.  Pure Kyk is a small company trying to get their name and drink out to the masses,and does have one big difference than many of the other energy drink mixes out there – power.  While most other energy drink mixes might tread lightly, Pure Kyk sends an impressive blast of caffeine and other energy stuff.

As a potent drink mix goes, this is not bad design wise.  This goes pretty XTREME and veers closely to edgy, but it is a near miss.  I do like the color use and the fonts too.  The problem is that the rest of the drink info is tiny enough to almost make unreadable.

One of the impossible things to do is to measure out a single serving from the pack.  Written in incredibly small lettering on the package you can see that there are two servings in here, with the very impressive caffeine count listed as well.  The biggest seller for Kyk is the kick, right?  So why not proudly advertise it – and do away with the silly and impossible-to-measure second serving?  There really should be a big callout – 300mg of caffeine is an impressive amount to have and it should be more prominent.

Like many powders, I don’t take it very easy on the testing.  The first test was to try this by itself – in powder form.  I really don’t recommend it.  I caught how they added a bit of sweetness to try to cut the terribly harsh caffeine flavor, but it really did not work that well.  This is NOT encaff – or any micro-encapsulated caffeine blend.  You just can not have this without putting it in something.  But, you need to put it in the right things too.

First I tried a pack in V8.  Baaaadd Idea.  Also, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, tap water, cold milk, IPA beer, black coffee and Black tea are very very bad ideas.

That being said, some places this worked very nicely. OJ tasted fine. In Mountain Dew it turns the drink orange and tastes yummy.  Same holds true for most clear sodas.  It does not make Colas undrinkable – but it gets close.  It is almost flavorless in a Manhattan, Frozen Margarita or spaghetti and meatballs.

Basically, if the flavor is strong and sweet, Pure Kyk works like a dream.  It certainly alters the flavor, but it does not turn bad unless the flavor can not stand getting a bit more chalky and sour.  Be careful for the foam it ends to leave on the top of your drink – and be sure it mixes well as well.  This is not the best at blending in.

What more could you possibly want in an energy packet? This is jam packed with 300mg caffeine,  B12, Tyrosine, Taurine, Guarana, and a little Yohimbine (it is easy to overdo it on the yohimbine – makes me shake). On top of this, there are no calories, carbs, or sugar.  I dont know what else needs to be said for this amazing powerhouse of a powder.  This will wire you and for a long time.  WEE!

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