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Pure Powdered Caffeine

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Trimethylxanthine is the medical term for caffeine. As a psychoactive stimulant drug, it stimulates the brain in the same way that heroin, cocaine and amphetamines do.  Which brings us to a point most people asked when I came into work with a big baggie of white stuff.  I got it from the great folks at  http://purebulk.com, with the promise I would not kill myself with it and oversize some responsibility. 
Of course, once anyone saw this pack, the same question came to their minds.
How could this product be legal?

Well, it seems that unlike Heroin and Coke, even exceedingly large clear bags of caffeine are legal and unregulated in nearly all jurisdictions. Caffeine Anhydrous, or caffeine which is processed in a lab,  is classified by The United States FDA as a multi-purpose additive or food additive, it being generally safe for food and consumption. So,  because it is used and found in food, it’s OK, even if you get a bag of 250 GRAMS of caffeine, feel free to form it into teeny little lines and snort it at your desk.  Sure, the boss, might look at you funny, but you will be above the law. 

This corresponds to the biggest problem I had when I got hold of this bag of the good stuff.  250 grams of caffeine is a bit too much for me to just up and swallow.  That is more than enough to kill me, it’s more than enough to kill a whole office floor.  And 250 grams is not much – it looks to be the size of a bag of a single serving microwavable rice dinner.  I was excited enough to open up the top, but then I was completely flummoxed on how to try it out.

Even opening the bag was a little touchy.  What if I sneezed when opening it?  and I know it can get absorbed through the skin – should I wear a gloves and mask?  I mean, one badly timed hiccup and I would be a goner! Of course I could not be that safety conscious and took a pinch to see what pure caffeine feels like.  I spent a while playing with the caffeine, and it rubs very easily into the skin.  It has a consistency of Corn Starch – and in no time at all absorbs completely into my pores. SCARY.  it started to tingle on my skin after a couple minutes.

 This could get dangerous.  I see how easy it would be to overdose on this stuff.  300-500mg, the most I should be taking in one day, is an impossibly small amount of powder.   I could do that in one lick.  And when people die from caffeine overdose, this is how they do it.  And this stuff from Bure Bulk is 100% pure anhydrous.  no fillers or anti-caking agents.  Just straight-on white stuff.

So other than rubbing it into my skin, it became a hard thing to measure out.  First, you NEED a milligram scale.  Overdosing on this is really way too easy.  Secondly, you need to find a way to ingest.  Caffeine powder extract in its isolated pure form is  very bitter.  It also does not dissolve in water.  It does dissolve some in boiling water, but no dice if you use it in liquids.  It is also bitter enough at you will notice it in any foods that are not very rich.   Cooking it is a great option, or putting a bit into spicy drinks works very well.
Tea, Milk, juice – they all suck.  it is too cold and the caffeine sits on bottom, or it is too bitter if you finally do get it dissolved.  But really, with some time and ingenuity, the possibilities with this stuff are limitless.  Snorting it, powdering the insides of your workout gloves, sprinkling some in your body lotion, adding it to your morning power oatmeal breakfast, rubbing it onto your teeth, etc…

And in terms of buzz – there can be no better, no stronger thing you could try.  You can feel it tingle on your skin. It tightens the pores.   It does all that jittery shivery stuff you would expect caffeine to do.  It is actually very cool to get the effects of pure caffeine, without any other energy ingredients or fillers.  Just a pure unadulterated caffeine rush!  I am going to have a lot of fun with this bag, and at 250 grams, I am going to have some sleepless nights for a Long Long Time! 


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