Posted October 22, 2011 by Big Red Boots in energy soda pop

Rainforest Tropical Tropifruit Soda

I am so glad I got to try Rainforest Sodas.  This company puts out some amazing drinks – albeit less caffeinated than I would really like.  They all have about a Diet Mountain Dew amount of caffeine, just barely enough to qualify for a review.  But in terms of a functional beverage, this stuff rocks.  Not only is is actually healthy, but they give to the Rainforest too. For every drink you buy they preserve 1 square foot of rainforest  – thanks to a partnership with Raintrust.

Like ther other Rainforest drinks I got to try, They have this bright green tree frog on the side of their can – which I can not deny is a big adorable reason to pick up this can in the first place.  On top of that, the fonts used really work, and help this can stand out from all of the normal looking ones on the shelf.  If I were a in a natural foods store looking for refreshment, I think it would be impossible NOT to pick up this drink and take a closer look.  

The problems are lessened with this can with the “grams and grams of sugar” stuff removed from the copy on the drink, and replaced by a lovely paragraph about how this drink utilizes super-fruits found in the rainforest.  Still, a second facing logo would make the life of a stocker or convenience store so much easier than having to face the logo outward, as well as help the cool logo get more exposure.

Opening the lid, I immediately smell ripe tropical fruits.  The first thing I noticed when taking a drink is this drink is very fizzy an burpy – something which helps lift the flavor and give a light and airy feeling.  The only time I mind the high carbonation is when there is a lot of heavy sugar or citric acid – and Rainforest Tropifruit has none of that.

I can taste every ingredient individually here, although they all mary very nicely too.  The flavor hits with a slightly sour tropical mango flavor, and it takes a little while for the stevia to kick in and sweeten your taste buds.  The sweetness is also very light – and not at all overpowering.  The flavor then settles to the green tea – apple base used, although the mango flavor is what is left in your mouth.  I really enjoyed the combination, and loved being able to actually tell what is in here from the taste – rather than the usual blend of preservatives and artificial flavors used in most soft drinks.  I mean, I just dare you to taste a Mountain Dew and tell me what they used to make their flavor.  Rainforest Tropical is mango and guava blended with tea, and I really did not detect enough of the apple extract to have it get in the way of the delicious exotic fruit taste to shine through.

It seems pretty evident that this is not created to give a person energy, which is sad.  Mind you, the 50mg of caffeine is very nice, but there really is no lift to speak of, unless you knock back two or three cans (which is very easy to do).  The only other energy ingredient is Ginseng, which works well for bringing up your metabolism long term but does not give you a burst of energy or anything.

Nutritionally, I was very very impressed with the quality of the ingredients.  Cane sugar, all your Vitamin C, Polyphenols,  and Acai berry and only a few ingredients that I can not find at the store (still don’t know where I could buy raw ester gum or apocarotenal). They use stevia as a way to keep things sweet and still only have 30 calories per can – which is very cool and clever.   Still, these ingredients are all natural and much much healthier than you would find in your normal citrus sodas.   I would love to see what would happen if the caffeine (which comes from green tea) was upped to twice the caffeine – my guess is this would be unstoppable.

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