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Realife Plus Energy mixers

 There are quite a few energy mixers on the market today. These are clear mostly tasteless caffeine boosters which can turn any normal drinks into energy drinks – with relatively little flavor difference. Except for a few minor differences, they all are relatively the same product.

The only way to accurately judge these different mixers is in the details. Fortunately, Reallife has gotten many of these details right.  A box of these clear caffeinated goodies were sent to me via Beveragesdirect.com – a company which has been selling cool energy drinks and sodas for many years.   A big thank you goes out to them for letting me try these out.

One of the more interesting things about this product is the cool package they come in.  Rather than come in a small blister pack with lots of packaging, these come in a large box, and all the liquid comes sealed in a label-free plastic pouch that reminds me of an insulin shot or something you would get from the Vet’s office.  The top of the little pouch snaps off and you can squirt the liquid out into your beverage of choice.

I really like this idea, although I can see some drawbacks as well.  The minimal packaging means that you can not get any info about the product or buy a smaller amount, but also cuts down on excess packaging waste.  The top snaps off easily and you could tell that quite a lot of thought went into this design, as it is very unique and clever.  It also holds up to wear and tear well, and did fine being stored in my pocket and backpack without any leaking. But, this kind of package also means that the company can not sell smaller amounts of these shots, and if you don’t have the bi box with you, you don’t know what you are taking.

The box it comes in is nice enough – with information as to the caffeine content and explains what exactly you are taking. For me, this overall design is so simple, so easy, that I can see this being a big asset.

Taste: 7
The important thing with these clear boosters is to have as little taste as possible.  Caffeine is a very bitter chemical, so any form of ingestion is usually rough.  It takes a lot of science to mask the chalky bitter notes of caffeine, and Reallife does it decently  – as long as it is in a mixer.

The only one of these that I have ever found to be drinkable alone is 5150 Juice, which has a slight sweetness to it.  By itself, this shot is a bitter mess.  I handed out samples to a couple co-workers, and a few of them decided to try squirting it directly in their mouths (I warned them).  It is not really drinkable by itself, as these pictures show.  The instructions Do say very clearly in 16 ounces of water, but they are just that sort of people.  At least they did not try to inject it or anything (this time).  However, I tried this in a glass of red wine, a strong beer, and numerous sodas, and it was barely perceptible.  You CAN taste this in your drink, but if you have a strong enough flavored drink, this stuff works best.  I would say that this is on par with all the other energy boosters out there, enough to taste but not strong enough to alter your drink’s flavors.

Reallife has 80mg of caffeine per stick.  This is the same amount as you will find in just about every smaller eight ounce energy drink.  This does not really make any drink into an bona-fide energy drink, because it is lacking any other energy drink ingredients.  It does give you a great kick – a couple hours of nice boosted energy without being over the top. I find two of them is just the right boost to get me feeling good in the morning.

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