Posted October 19, 2010 by Big Red Boots in energy shot

RedFin Wildberry Energy Shot

Firstly, I must thank RedFin Energy for doing something to me no other shot or drink, from the over 60 energy shots I have tried to the hundreds of carbonated gallons I have swilled, has done.  Like a arachnid collector getting his first venomous bite, or a motorcycle laying their bike down in the street, this was always an eventuality.  Redfin Wildberry gave me my first real Niacin Flush.

If you don’t know what a niacin flush is – it can be pretty a scary thing.  I have heard about it for years now, so I knew what was happening to me, which didn’t make the first few minutes any less terrifying.  My chest felt constricted, and  my skin was looking like Ted Kennedy on a weekend bender about 5 minutes after I downed the shot.  Of course the first thing I did was check my right arm and make sure I didn’t smell any burned toast.  Then I remembered the side effects of too much niacin in the body.  My skin became more even more red and then got very itchy.  I felt hot, sweaty and like a lobsterboy. It did not last long, though.   I read where some people do this for fun, like a body cleansing if you are impure or are about to get a drug test, but this seems a little extreme.However, after about 15 minutes of heat, I was back to being my non itchy pale self again.

Out of the dozen shots they sent me, Redfin gave me the niacin flush three of those times.  Maybe my niacin levels were low, or maybe I have just become more sensitive to it – but the 175% of my Daily Value of niacin was enough to get me hot and bothered.  The thing is, most energy shots have at least that much Vitamin B complex in them.  And really, the wonderful long lasting buzz was well worth it.  The 200mg of caffeine worked well with the taurine and ginseng for a lovely rush once the heat cooled down and I could sit again. There was absolutely no crash from it, and the energy was really smooth, not jittery or overstimulated at all. I have consumed all six samples of this flavor they gave me in short order, and would buy more if I saw them near me.  

part of my enjoyment in drinking this is is is that it tastes so damn good too.  It is supposedly a wildberry flavor, and is closer to that than anything, I guess.   Its not that this tastes healthy, it just tastes delicious – like a tangy sweet melted lollipop or tasty berry candy.  There is just a hint of tart and a slight tinge of medicinal aftertaste, but thi is definitely in the top 10 tasty energy shots I have ever tasted.

There is some really good stuff with this package, although there is still a little room for improvement.  The overall design is nice enough, although it is pretty similar to many of the shots out there in the market.  The warnings were all in white with black outlines, and were near impossible to make out.  They really could have found a better way to print that more legibly.  They did, however, print the caffeine amount, which I really appreciate.  While this is by no means revolutionary or unique, they did a decent job with what they had.

Big Red Boots