Posted March 12, 2012 by Big Red Boots in Brewed Coffee

Revv Pulse K-Cup coffee

There are two kinds of coffee for me to drink in the morning, both serving very different ends.  I love REAL coffee, although those cups are reserved for specific times.  I love my Pinon Nut Fair-Trade Organic Shade grown single farm beans, but I need the time to actually enjoy something that succulent.  There is that kind of coffee made for sitting down and sipping, basking in the flavors and getting dirty with.  There is something special about taking a short walk to the local coffeehouse for a specially made espresso just the way you like it.

And then there are times you just need a freakin’ coffee.   If I am on the go and working early or late and need to get my ass in gear, nothing beats a quick slug of something brown and caffeinated.  I don’t want fancy or creamy or luxurious – I just want a cup of coffee.  K-cups are very good for that – as I can brew a kind just for me to drink – and I can slug down something hot and tasty without other workers finishing the pot, forgetting to turn it on, leaving it to burn or most offensively, thinking it it is funny to make Decaf for everyone in the office and not tell anybody.

To that end, I am enjoying my work’s newest fun toy, the Keurig K-Cup Coffee machine.  I tried it out before when Folgers and Millstone sent me samples of their K-Cups to try out.   I was intrigued when one of my co-workers brought in a pack of Revv coffee – one of the over 200 varieties there are for these machines.  I have tried about 2 dozen of these coffees before, and though none of them come even close to something I would want to savor or have on a weekend, I am intrigued by the idea of being able to pack more buzz into my morning Joe.  When I called up Green Mountain, they told me they had a new even stronger k-cup I could try out – Revv Pulse – with added pep from guarana and ginseng.  Fast, Convenient and more caffeine – Woot!

From the very start of opening the sample box from them I knew I had something special on my hands.  Of course how special was a complete mystery – which I particularly found annoying.  I am sure that they could not put the caffeine amount on their cups – as the caffeine in coffee can vary wildly depending on the blend of beans (and this is definitely a blend of many kinds of arabica beans) to the roast and everything inbetween.  However, they should know the amount of caffeine they add in as an extra oomph from the guarana – as I am sure that is measured out to the milligram.

The whole idea behind the Revv line is that they pack 30% more coffee inside their little packs, so there is even more coffee inside your coffee.  I appreciate that.  I even applaud that!  Yes, just adding more ground does not necessarily make for a better cup of coffee, but it makes for a  bigger kick to my befuddled morning brain.   The interesting thing is that while adding more coffee grounds to a smaller cup usually means you end up with just bad bitter coffee, this is not really the case here. Compared to other strong rich K-cup coffees this does not taste that much different. I definitely smelled a sweetness with a whole lot of fruit, and the flavor was very mellow. I easily drank through the entire box they sent me in a few weeks, making short work of the easy-on-the-tongue individual brews.  To be sure, I did a blind taste test between this and the regular Revv line, and I could barely taste any difference.

Sometimes it is fine to be a coffee snob and get flavors akin to a real Italian Americano, but for those mornings when you are just needing your cupa joe, this will get you hoppin!  This will definitely get your blood pumping in a very big way – and you can feel the difference.  Two pods of this, brewed using the smallest water size, makes for one heck of a powerful punch.  If you have joined the K-Cup revolution, chances are you are looking for a quick half-decent jolt of coffee – and Revv Pulse will certainly do the trick.

Big Red Boots