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Rip It Java Mite Coffee energy shot

I am very critical of my coffee drinks, as I really like the flavor of coffee.   Most coffee drinks don’t really taste like coffee, and even less so when they are low calorie energy shots.  When you put a coffee drink together with a discount brand such as Rip It, the effect should be pretty unbearable.  
However, in this case it turns out quite differently – Rip It Java-Mite every shots are more than drinkable, they are downright tasty!  On top of that, they provide a great boost of energy that lasts a while too!  If only they did not look like an urban assault weapon this would be one of the top energy shots I have tried.   I have seen pictures of this same drink in a big 16ounce can, and if it is as good as their shot it would be one hell of an amazing thing.
For the most part, Rip It designers go with a very plain package – something that looks if nothing else a little minimal.  Not the case here – adorning the standard 5-hour-energy shaped bottle with a plastic wrap that could best be described as post apocalyptic.  While I like the look of armageddon on energy supplements, I am not quite sure how this works with a coffee shot.  While they do manage to put the “X” on this shot, it is a big difference from the rest of their designs, covered in brown red and yellow, like it got hit with too many pain balls.  The font is deeply embossed, and though it is readable it is a far cry from their usual primary colors. 
Functionally, it is very readable, and even lists all the caffeine and other energy ingredients clearly.  They have their website and indications printed nicely too.  The only thing I found interesting is they did not bother putting the calorie content on it, which is kinda odd, but probably so negligible that they felt they could leave it off.
I love the design, but not on a coffee shot.   I don’t think anyone would think of coffee as being Xtreme.  The package is great – it just does not belong on this flavor.  
This should by all accounts taste somewhere between revolting and candy like.   No, it does not taste like real coffee, but it is very very close to tasting like a shot of Turkish Coffee, only without the sludge on bottom.  There is real coffee somewhere in this, but mainly it is made up of  fake flavors and colors.  It still really works, tasting like a delicious strong espresso which is neither over-sweet or overbitter.   While I am not sure how this would play out in a big 16 ounce can, in this formula it is a real winner.
Java-Mite lists right up front on the package that there is 100mg of caffeine, and all the usual energy stuff in big bold letters.  This is great for people who are making sure of their caffeine intake, and the amount is just enough to get you up and moving, but not so much to get you wired.  
Now I love to be wired, and just a little over-caffeinated is really my favorite way to be.  Unfortunately,  this is nowhere strong enough to get me there.  Fortunately, these are very cheap – and it is easy enough to get two of them to give me the boost I am looking for.
I found the usual energy suspects along with not much in the way of healthy or nutritious.  No idea about the calories as they are not listed, but since they sweetened this with sucralose, Ace K and maltodextrin, my guess is it is pretty close to zero.   On top of those chemicals, they dumped artifical flavors, preservatives and caramel color in here, so if you are looking for something nutritious I would look somewhere else.  If you are just looking for a cheap decent coffee shot with great flavor, look no further.

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