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Rockit fuel energy snuff

So I thought Things were going to be most amazing thing after my first experience with energy snuff. After all, if the German stuff was good – something called Rockit Fuel, with lemon and orange would be even more fantastic! Turns out, not so very much.
Now there is a whole hell of a lot good here. If you have never tried energy snuff before – and I doubt anyone has, this one will surprise you. Imagine crushing up a caffeinated halls – into a fine light powder. Only not as painful to shove up your nose. So far, the only place I have sen this is online at mrsnuff.com – who were kind enough to send me a few kinds to try.

Buzz:9 flavor:7
I LOVE the buzz in this – which might be with tons of caffeine, or maybe little. Even the company that sent this to me, Mrsnuff.com, has no idea how much caffeine is in this snuff. But tell you what – take a shot up your nose and you WILL be awake. The menthol hits you in the back of the head – and will make your eyes water. It is not horrible, like if you accidentally inhaled Pixie Sticks or Kool Aide powder, but it certainly is stronger than expected. The lemon one makes you taste lemon for a while, and the orange leaves you citrus-y. Both are strong and tingly, but I think that is more from all the menthol they use to open your capillaries.
This stuff is great if you are feeling at all under the weather. If you have a stuffed nose, this will certainly help clear it. I had a sore throat and poured some on the back of my tongue for instant relief.
Within 10 minutes, you are definietly awake. a couple hours into the buzz, it wears off almost immediately, but the initial rush is nice. Take it in doses, as nobody has any idea how much caffeine/guarana went into this stuff.

Unlike the last bit of snuff that came in a tiger box, Rockit fuel comes 2 very unique ways. The first is in orange and yellow tubs – with the powder loose. The orange flavor is the color of tang, and the yellow looks like a finely crushed Country Time Lemonade powder. This is actually a very good thing – as when your workmates see you cutting it into a line or using a 100 dollar bill to snort it up, they will be pretty sure it is just people being dumb-asses, and not actually snorting lines of coke at your desk. Also, it is less embarrassing when you have a little bit of orange stuff under your nose, opposed to white powder.

Rockit Fuel has even bypassed the whole annoying delivery system of plopping it on the webbing of your fingers with the reintroduction of snuff bullets – a very handy device! I had a friend who told me of the first time bullets where used for sniffing stuff in your nose, back when Jumpsuits where all white, and alan parsons where considered cool. But as my first encounter, these bullets seemed pretty awesome.
they are plastic bullet shaped devices, with a little twist knob on one end. the knob is actually a little dowel you swist, with a hole down the middle and a chunk taken out of the side. One side of the bullet is packed with snuff, and the other side is rounded to fit better in or near your nostril. You turn the dowl, and tap the snuff into it, then twist it so the snuff is facing towards your nose. just get it near your nose and inhale – and you get the perfect amount of snuff shot into your skull!
Sounds fun, right? It really is! Though please keep in mind – this can be pretty scary, so this should be for grownups and stupid teenagers only.

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