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Rockstar Pure Zero energy – Silver Ice energy drink

Rockstar energy drink has so many versions of low calorie energy drinks it is hard to keep track of all the versions.  That’s the reason I was not so excited to rush out and try their latest version, Rockstar Pure Zero.   This just seemed like the answer to Monster’s Absolute Zero, and really would provide nothing new.  And while this is definitely a take on following Monster’s footsteps, it does a surprisingly good job at it, coming out with a fairly decent citrus drink.

On their site they list this flavor as Silver Ice, which makes sense from a packaging standpoint, but they forgot to all that extra part onto the label – so it is just Pure Zero, which if you ask me if already a long enough name.

I think they are done with names for their diet drinks now – having used up Zero, Zero Carb and Diet.  The big seller here is the cool crackled packaging which looks really hot and very unique.  The lettering chosen and the over overall concept really works.  On top of that, they use their new raised printing technology to give the cans an added texture so it feels bumpy when you hold it on the non-logo and star area – pretty neat and subtle.

Overall they perform the mechanics of can design well, double facing the label and putting the caffeine content clearly on the can.  Everything is very easy to read, and on my two cans they even repositioned the lids of the can so the logo faces outwards while drinking.  Overall its a beautiful thing.

I fully expected this to have that Rockstar energy bite – butthey pulled off something better.  It is a lemon-lime drink in the way of a Mountain Dew, only with a little fresca grapefruit bite as well.   Rockstar Zero is without a doubt one of the most flavorful Rockstars out there, and definitely one to pick up.  I would not normally pick out my favorite Rockstar by taste – usually forgoing whatever flavor it happened to be by the amount of caffeine that it had in it, but I have made exceptions for Rockstar Zero, picking this one out from the pack because it is just so easy to consume and so packed with flavor.  While it might not be the most unique energy drink out there, it is certainly delicious.

You never know from one Rockstar to the next what kind of concoction they are going to come up with for their drinks.  The regular flavors of their drinks have around 160mg of caffeine, while their low carb and workout drinks have a massive 240-270mg.  Rockstar Pure Zero falls into the 160mg category – being a very standard boost of energy – nothing terribly exciting or powerful.
You got your B vitamins in plethora, some inositol, glucurolactone and ginseng to help with the process, and as a diet drink you can’t really cant find a drink that is not sweetened with the sucralose/Ace K mix for a sweetener.   Still It is a Rockstar and the power is strangely addictive – not powerful but sustained and just nutritious enough to make you think this is healthy enough to slug down.  

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