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Rockstar Pure Zero Punched

There are few things that call for a good drink than yard work – and this is especially true in our household, where the power tools like fancy lawn mowers and weeders are replaced by more aerobic choices such as the push mower.

For those of you young whippersnappers who have never encountered a push mower, it is akin to going to a barber as opposed to a hairstylist.  Rather than straight uniform rows of grass – push mowers cut the grass by sheer ( heh – geddit?) force – as you roll the blade fast enough to chop up your grass into bits.   Needless to say, it is a very rewarding bat physically intense process.  And after the end of this process, only two things really help you recover.  Beer and Energy drinks.  When the kids do it, they have an energy drink handy, and I usually can enjoy a 40 of some of Wisconsin’s finest malt.  However, last weekend there was not a beer to be had – and that eft me the opportunity to slug down Las Vegas Finest – Rockstar Pure Zero, this time in a punch variety.

Fruit punch is one of the easier energy drink flavors to do right, which is the reason that most brands have at least one fruit punch flavor.  Rockstar is an old hand at these, having made over a half dozen kinds of punch-y energy drinks in the past – from a mango punch to a fruity orange variety.   This one is supposed to be more of a Punch flavor and not really contain any juice, which is a good thing as not only is this calorie deficient, it is also light and easy to pound – unlike their heavy syrupy Punched themed drinks previously released to market.

This is almost exactly like the other Pure Zero flavor, except for the word Punched on the side in this red lettering. There is the same  cool crackled packaging which looks really hot and very unique.  I like the  new raised printing technology to give the cans an added texture so it feels bumpy when you hold it on the non-logo and star area – although I would have appreciated a bit more something to separate it from the non-punch offering they have.

Overall they perform the mechanics of can design well, double facing the label and putting the caffeine content clearly on the can.  Everything is very easy to read, and on my two cans they even repositioned the lids of the can so the logo faces outwards while drinking. It is a very cool design.

I love a good fruit punch drink, and fortunately they are pretty hard to get wrong too.  I like them when they are a little sour to the sweet, holding a little back on the sugariness.  Not that I like it watered down, but I appreciate more of a tart punch than a super sweet one.

Rockstar hit it right on the money with this flavor, making on of the finer punch drinks I have had to try in some time.  If I were to go for a lighter Rockstar drink on a warm day when I wanted more flavor than burst of energy, I would happily pick this one up over most of the other Rockstar flavors out there.

They have come out with a couple versions of punched drinks before, ut I think this moght be the first that does not actually contain juice – and therefor calories.  Punched is a great diet punch flaor, reminding me of the lighter Crystal Light versions of punch rather than the heavier Hawaiian Punch varieties.   In terms of energy, these have around 160mg of caffeine, which is what is expected – although I really wanted a bigger boost than what they offered.

You got your B vitamins in plethora, some inositol, glucurolactone and ginseng to help with the process, and as a diet drink you can’t really cant find a drink that is not sweetened with the sucralose/Ace K mix for a sweetener.  I liked these a whole lot – although the lower caffeine count will probably have me going for their other more powerful combos.  still, if I were concerned with flavor, this would be a great one to have on a hot summer day.

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