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Rockstar Sparkling Energy

Rockstar comes out energy drink flavors on a very regular basis – and rarely do they have a whole lot of difference.  The latest incarnation is the new Sparkling Energy drinks, which come in both a peach and cherry flavor.   And, like most of the Rockstar flavors out there, if you find one you absolutely love, I would stock up now because they never stick around for very long – which in this particular case is a real bummer.

Unlike some of their products (remember the one that had a straw glued to the can?) this one is original enough o stand out from the others on the shelf, and is yummy enough to enjoy for a very long time.  Rockstar’s Sparkling energy is most reminiscent of New York Seltzer, only with berry and cherry flavor.   While Energy Seltzer is not original (Jetset and Hi Ball energy also produce delicious caffeinated soda waters too), this one is, at last for now, readily available.
Rather than go for their dual over-the-top grunge, or stark metallic designed look, Sparkling Energy looks bright with popping colors and a very clean bright feel.  I would feel right at home bringing this out jut about anywhere – from a school outing or any athletic event.  This was not made as much to impress your Gears Of War friends as something that would feel right at home in your minivan’s cup holder.  Truthfully, I love the change in direction with this scheme, and hope this product sticks around for a long time.  
Functionally it does well too.  Like most Rockstar cans, this is double faced, written cleanly and is easy to read, and lists the caffeine content clearly.  The only thing I might do with the package to really sell the clean-ness of the drink inside is to consider putting this into PET bottles (those clear plastic bottles sodas come in).  That would really show off the clear liquid and their big differentiator from the rest of the market.
Crisp, Clear and Refreshing sound like advertising words, but i this case it really works.   The light fruitiness really works, and the slight hint of medicinal chalkiness actually adds the appropriate tang to the flavor to really highlight the fruitiness of both flavors offered..  As mentioned before, the liquid is totally clear, and very very bubbly.  I must have burped a dozen times getting through the can, which is pretty unusual.  I liked both the Cherry and the peach equally, although both were a very fake tasting fruit.   It is interesting that they used natural flavors to make this – but ether they need to step up their natural flavor ingredients or cut down on their fake sweeteners because this tastes about as natural as a Blow Pop.
Buzz: 7 
You never know with Rockstar what kind of blend they will be delivering, as they really work at trying different energy compounds to their niche market.  In this case they opted a bit light, going with 160 mg of caffeine and a blend of Glucurolactone, ionsitol a healthy dose of vitamin B, L-Carnitine, milk thistle and ginseng.  all in all it is not a bad blend – there re enough nutrients in here to make it a contender in the energy drink arena, but still light enough on the power to be able to drink a couple of  on a hot day.  
I did not get a real buzz from Rockstar Sparkling, but it did make me feel more wakeful and helped a little with the days concentration.  Not to mention I was was able to drink one in the late morning hanging out and coding, and felt fine enough to chug a second later in the day at around the 2pm slump.  While I would not take this out partying or for a serious rush, it does make for a nice sparkly  pick-me-up.

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