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Rockstar SuperSours Green Apple energy

I love the idea of a super sour energy drink.  That is why for a very long time I stayed away from it – because I was sure that whatever concoction Rockstar came out with they were not going to live up to my Warheads-esque notion of how a super sour drink should be.  I wanted something that would make my teeth hurt and my jaws ache, something that would make it hard to drink the can in one go.

That is not Rockstar SuperSours – which is about the same sour as you would find in sour gummi bears.   Now I liked it overall – The Green Apple variety is a very decent green apple energy drink and there is a good deal of caffeine to get a body all sorts of energy, but I wanted so much more out of it.

Like most Rockstars which are hitting the shelves these days, their can design has definitely stepped it up a notch.  The SuperSour look is still very much in tune with the grungy xtreme look, but the colors used and the font style for the SuperSour logo look almost retro.  I love the combination of the green and pink to really get across that the flavor is supposed to be just as disconcerting as the can itself.

Beyond the purposely jarring scheme they have going on, they do all the other stuff you are supposed to do with energy drinks too.  The can is labeled on 2 or 3 sides, so no matter which way you hold it the brand face outward.  It is easier for stockers to put on the shelf that way too.  They list the caffeine and all the other ingredients nicely.  While this is not going to be saved as art, for a 16 ounce can you could not get a whole lot better than this.

SuperSour Apple does not taste bad.   It actually tastes pretty decently for a full-on sugary slightly tart soda.  The reason that it only gets a 6 is because I really wanted this to be a super sour drink.  It is like when you go for an Atomic Fireball candy and end up with just a cinnamon bubblegum.  Supersours should be that over-the-top flavor that turns your mouth inside out, or at least makes you feel like you have just sucked on a lemon.  I was hoping for that jaw aching feeling you get when you put Warheads or other sour candies in your mouth, but that overly-pungent reaction did not happen – the sour just really never was brought on.

Now in terms of a tart granny apple flavor this does fine.  The taste reminded me of a Caramel Apple – full of juice and sweetness, with just a touch of darker heavier sugar to offset the tartness.  If this were not a SuperSour and just a caramel apple flavor this would have gotten some mad props.

I find it harder and harder to drink full calorie energy drinks.  SuperSours are loaded with calories (280) and a third of a cup of sugar, which I find hard to knock down like I can with less sugary or low calorie versions.  That being said, it did provide a nice little energy boost – and a not-so-fun crash about hours after too.
There is certainly enough caffeine to get a person moving, with 240mg of the good stuff packed in here – along with some taurine, inositol and ginseng.  It is a good mix, and one that cuts through the density of the drink to give a nice little buzzy energy.  Once all that sugar wears off though, prepare for a nice little nap to keep moving.

I have not really had much of a crash from energy products lately, so this one took me by surprise – and I found myself looking longingly at the stack of toilet paper at an end cap of Target and wondering if I could use them as a mattress.  Fortunately, my kids force fed me a Xyience they had on a shelf and 20 minutes later I was humming again, and now I know to be prepared.

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