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Rutaesomn Sleep Aid Pills

Have you ever found yourself wide awake at midnight tossing in your bed wishing you did not drink that coffee at night – or partied out with Red Bulls and Vodka and now are bouncing around at 4AM? There are lots of reasons that people end up being wired when they would prefer not to be, as we live in a caffeinated universe (or at least I seem to). Well now there is a little pill that you can take that will put the slack in your jaw, cutting the caffeine right out of your bloodstream! This little pill is a genius, and the perfect thing to have on hand if you are a caffeine lover like me.

Seeing that I might need a little downtime from all my energy product testing, the makers of Rutaesomn offered to give me a sample of their new pills to see make my nights a little easier.  They do not add anything to make a person more restful or sleepy, but they do have one revolutionary ingredient that kills the jitter in your veins.

All I gotta say is I am hooked. I am not sure if these are going to be on sale at my local Walgreens, but I can tell you that once I find a steady supply, these are going to become a staple for me. Like putting my humidifier and de-humidifier in the same room to battle it out,  I put my Rutaesomn pill bottle right next to my Bulk Caffeine powder, just so they can be giving themselves the evil eye.

The idea is that you are supposed to take a pill about 2-4 hours before bedtime, giving your body some time to break the caffeine in your system down into its non energetic parts. While there is nothing like melatonin to help you sleep, if you are an addict, the lack of caffeine in your body will help you recover from your day of pounding Monsters and pots of coffee

So how could this possibly work? This miracle supplement is an alkaloid called rutaecarpine. According to studies, this works to help your liver enzymes metabolize caffeine to the point of it not having any effect in your body.  Now I am not a scientist or a doctor, not do I pretend to be except in rare and amusing occasions. The people behind Rutaesomn are, however, and have done quite a bit of research into how rutaecarpine works. There were tests on rats and all sorts of lab studies that went on in making this product. Of course there are other informed people with other doctorates who dispute their product (you can read a back-and-forth between a couple of them here: http://www.sciencebase.com/science-blog/can-rutaesomn-decaf-your-body-herbal.html), but for me there is a more definitive way to really see if this does anything – and that is to give it a serious and varying degrees of ridiculousness test run.

I received three samples of Rutaesomn, and came up with three good tests to judge myself how it would react. Now keep in mind I am just one guy, so I don’t imagine the effects on me are the same as other folks.  Also, I have been reviewing and playing around with every sort of caffeine imaginable, so I know when to lay off the stupid (this is my version of a disclaimer btw…)  I also know myself pretty well and thought I could at least feel if there was some effect in my body.

Firstly, I did what most people would end up using this for and and made a pot of yummy coffee with dinner. Now usually I don’t do dinner and coffee, because I like my coffee large and potent – and refuse to even acknowledge there is a world in which products like Decaf (or even worse Half-Caf). Whenever I do have 2 or 3 cups at night, I rarely feel more perky, but I usually can not go to bed until 2 or 3am, cursing myself for making bad decisions. So after I finished my last cuppa joe, a took a pill and waited for the results. This is strictly a physiological thing – as it is hard for me to fake feeling sleepy in a psychosymatic way (it is hard for me to fake being sleepy) while staring at the sky counting divots in my ceiling. I was elated to find that by the time bedtime came around I was actually sleepy! Even more impressive was I was able to fall asleep – and stay asleep for most of the night too! This was enough proof to me that there might actually be something to this.

The following night, I thought something this cool deserves a real test, and broke out the big guns – my last remaining caffeinated versions of Joose and Four Loko, the two alcoholic energy drinks that the FDA banned late 2011. These drinks were very high in alcohol content, but also had enough caffeine to give you the aesome wide-awake-drunk feeling that made it so dangerous. I chugged my way through about one and three quarter cans, enough that I was definitely wasted, but caffeinated enough that I was alert and bouncy too.  There are few things as cool and unique as to very energetic, very clear headed and very drunk, at least for a few hours.  As the evening wore down I popped a Rutaesomn to see what would happen – and lo-and-behold, I started to lose the bounce I had in my step. I actually started getting tired through a Four Loko buzz, and even felt a bit less drunk too. I am not sure if this was because of the pill or just because I take much longer to pound down a 12% malt liquor bad boy than I used to, but by the time bedtime rolled around I was again able to crash with no problem at all.

My last test is something I don’t recommend to novices. Now caffeine toxicity is around 500mg ( a person should really not have more than 500mg of caffeine in their bodies). After a certain amount of it in your body, bad things start to happen – sweatiness, irritability, and it usually makes me feel nauseous,  tired and completely out-of-whack. If you have ever spent 4 or 5 hours straight at a Denny’s slamming pots of coffee then you know what feeling I am talking about. I know that for my body, if I have over 350mg of caffeine in me I stop processing it well. All the fun of being extra wired is replaced by the feeling ofbeing a sick mess and the reason I love it when products list their caffeine content. So one morning I drank a couple big cups of convenience store coffee followed by slamming a 16 ounce Rockstar 2X. The dose put me well over the amount my body likes – my guess is a bit over the 500mg limit I put on myself for a day. I washed the pill down with the last slug of Rockstar. Within an hour I definitely felt the caffeine intoxication, feeling a bit sluggish and unwell. However, the feeling did not last more than an hour or so – as I was just left happily bouncy and alert for a couple hours following that one – it was like my caffeine levels dropped, but not so much as to have wiped all of it from my bloodstream.

 While everything from the label to the other ingredients looked very professional,  I am not sure why they would go for capsules made from gelatin.  Unless this happens to be a veggie based version (and most likely it isn’t), the gelatin in here is made from the skin, boiled crushed bones, connective tissues, organs and some intestines of animals such as domesticated cattle, chicken, horses hooves, and pigs. This means that this is off limits for vegetarians, Jews and Muslims,and for relatively little reason. There are other ways to create a pill that would not make this off limits to a relatively large population.

While I doubt this would be powerful enough to actually help someone who is suffering from way too much caffeine, Rutaesomn certainly helped me bring my energy back down to a much more manageable level.  I wonder if in cases where people get brought into hospitals after snorting pure caffeine or slamming 3 spikes on a dare if this might be a helpful thing to have around.

So studies be damned, according to my own body, this stuff works like a dream!  If you want to try it out for yourself, they will give a 20% off discount if you use the code “bigred” until 8/6/2012 on their website.

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