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Scheckter’s Organic Energy drink

What do you do when your parents own the biggest and most popular organic farms around? Make an energy drink out of it, of course!   That is what Toby Scheckter did with all the organic info he learned from living at the “University of Organics”.  When he wasn’t racing cars he was developing an energy drink that would be organic and natural and tasty – a very worthwhile endeavor.

One of the problems in having reviewed energy drinks for such a long time is that when I come across a statement like “The FIRST organic, fair trade energy drink”, that strikes me as a BIG FAT LIE.   This drink was made just last year in 2011.   I Like that it is fair trade, but seeing as I reviewed Steaz energy drink in 2008, Sambazon Amazon energy with Fair Trade Acai in 2009, and all of Guayaki’s energy drinks like the Enlighten Mint I reviewed in 2010 are fair trade and organic too, it is a hard statement to justify.

You could tell they tried very hard to create a package that would go everywhere and not offend everyone.  This is about as clean and neat as a Living Simple Magazine cover.  That is not to say the design is simple, and is a matter of fact full of little complex touches.  The background is actually in a checkerboard matte and shiny white, and then accented by just enough green to help sell the clean-and-green angle without going over the top with business.  Of course, the business is accomplished by the twenty thousand badges for everything from Fair Trade to Organic to at least half a dozen little logos and symbols.   I know that is the big selling point of the drink but it really clutters up the main design.  
However, in this prettiness they still list all the important stuff – namely the caffeine content, as well as all the other energy ingredients clearly.  I like the clean and easy-on-the-eyes design, and give kudos for making a plain can not look boring.
One of the best parts of this drink is the complete lack of that energy drink sour edge that almost all the others embrace.  Instead, this is enhanced by a very sharp and crisp pear flavor that is enhanced by lemons and a tart berry edge.   Scheckter’s Energy drink tastes super fruity, and it is obvious that this is made with real juice from Pomegranates and Pears.  I guess there is elderberry juice in here, but seeing as I have never seen let alone eaten a real elderberry I could not comment.
I can say that this is one of the more pleasurable energy drinks I have had in a while – tasting like something you should find in a juice cooler more than in the energy drink aisle.  Scheckter’s is a delicious juicy drink that I would be happy to drink over and over.
This is another product which is embracing the green coffee bean.  However, rather than just stick to the green coffee bean, they use caffeine from green tea and guarana too.  My guess is that was to up the caffeine content to something functional – 135mg per can.  At first this does not seem like that big a rush – but actually it kicks most other drinks’ non-organic asses!  Keep in mind this is an eight ounce can – and Monster, Red Bull, and almost every other drink has only around 80mg for the same size.  So this little cute can has over 1 1/2 times the amount of energy as the others. 
Of course using all those yummy healthy sweeteners like raw sugar and juice also ups the calorie count to a high content.  Keep in mind that just because the calories are all natural and organic that means that the sugar is any better for you than regular sugar, and the taste is so good you could easily pop a couple can a day of the stuff too.  Fortunately, they have a diet version which I will get to review a little later.

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