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Smart Protein Energy shot

I love the mix of protein and caffeine for a workout supplement – it just makes all sorts of sense.  Having a big burst of energy in the gym is a great incentive to get there in the first place, and has been found by all sorts of studies to make your workout more powerful and happy.  Add to that a good righteous helping of protein and you have yourself one great shot for getting into some heavy metal.  Of course it helps to have it also look halfway decent and taste acceptable too – and Smart Protein energy shot, made my Iovate Health Services is fits the bill perfectly.

Iovate is one of those companies you find making all those black scary diamond-plated musclebound powder canisters you find in GNC and other tores dedicated to muscleheads. Iovate is more famous for making Hydroxycut – the big diet pill that made all the news.  Still, this product is under their Muscletech line, and it is one of the better shots I have seen dedicated to muscle workouts.

The packaging is pretty unassuming here, going for a very standard blue background with fruit.  Color theory experts say blue is a great color for food because it inherently makes a person not-hungry.   The reason for this is simple – as there is no such thing as a blue food in nature.  Sure people say blueberries, but those are really purple.  The only time you will find blue in  food is with the most reviled flavor of candy – Blue Raspberry. That, and that short stink when heinz thought it would be a fabulous idea to come out with blue ketchup – ewww.

I like that this is in a slightly larger bottle than the 2 ounce usual – upping it to 2.5 and giving it a widemouth top to it is easier to chug.  The labeling is nice and easy to read – Although some of the writing got awfully tiny.   I understand the need for warnings and such, but this just seemed all packed in – a bit too tight.  Still , I would always opt for more information on my bottle of nutritional gym supplement than not enough.

OK – I will admit that I might be a little off here – but I really liked the flavor of Smart Protein even though it was very very strange.  They mixed a bunch of flavors here that  really should not work together, and it comes out shining bright.  there is a strong berry flavor, working well to hide the bitterness of the ingredients, and replacing it with a very pungent sourness.  To balance out the sourness, they add a bunch of non-nutrative sweetener – which gives things that very chalky light sweetness.  Just hen you think you are going to get a sweet-tarts flavor profile, the protein kicks in – like a mouthful of greek yogurt.  So what you are left with is more-or-less a super fruity Sweet Tarts Greek yogurt, and I loved it!

Again, I think more people are going to hate this flavor rather than love it, but at 6 in the morning when I am trying like the devil to get my ass to the gym, downing a cold Smart Protein gave me that shot to my taste buds to get me moving – which I’ll guess is the point.

This shot is really for those days where you concentrate on building muscle, as there is not a whole lot of aerobic supplements in here.  Instead of electrolytes and ingredients to replenish your body after a hard run, there is a serious 28 grams of protein in here – more than what you should be taking for the gym.

Along with this protein, there is  really only one other ingredient to help you – a nice 125mg of caffeine, energy which hit my bloodstream in about 30 seconds.   By the time I hitt he weights, I was PUMPED – and easily cranked through a set of pull ups and dips.  By the end of my routine, I felt awake, alive and energized.  I am not sure if I would attribute all of that to Smart Protein and not to a really great workout, but I do know it helped.

While Smart Protein might be a little hard to locate, if you are lifting weights and enjoy a morning boost to get you going, I would definitely give this little blue bottle a try.

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