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Sodastream energy drink mix

So you are going to an XTREME party, teen’s birthday party or any event where a teenager is celebrating.  Sodastream’s laundry bottle of energy drink syrup to the rescue! Even without the Sodastream maker, you can get one of these 17 ounce bottles of soda stream for a measly 5 bucks a pop – and make enough energy drinks for 50 servings!  All you need is a cheapo 2 liter bottle of sparking water to turn your hum drum party drink into a killer late light fun fest.

Sodastream is a home soda making system that involves a sparkling water maker and a way to customize the syrup content to make all your favorite sodas at home.  Normally, this would be a waste in my home, as I am the only one that really drinks carbonated stuff  – and almost all of it is either alcoholic or heavily caffeinated.  However, the fine people at CSN stores hooked me up with about half a dozen of their awesome Sodastream energy drink syrups – and I have been steadily working my way though the gallons of tasty energy drink it has provided to me.  Sodastream itself has currently 21 Regular Sodamix Flavors, 17 Diet Sodamix Flavors and 4 MyWater Essence Flavors for sparkling water.  Sodastream has also just released a new line of all-natural Sodamix Flavors called Sparkling Naturals with 8 additional flavors – so the energy drink and diet energy drink flavors they came out with are really just the tip of the iceberg for them..

Bringing a tub of sodastreams energy drink mix to a get-together is akin to bringing a Keg to a College Rager or a 5 gallon jug of moonshine to Sturgis.  You will necessarily be the HIT of the party!

Nothing says welcome to the party more than being able to bring 10 gallons of energy drinks with you.  And not just crappy ass VALUE energy drink, but two liters jam packed with Monster flavor!  Lots of people will think this tastes like Red Bull – however they are completely mistaken. Some will argue that this tastes like green apple Jolly Ranchers, or like a syrupy Sprite. This tastes nothing like Red Bull, or Jolly Ranchers, sprite or apple juice – it tastes just like the green colored Monster.  I mean exactly like the green monsters.  Adding the correct amount of Sodastream energy drink mix makes a perfect Monster – enough to fulfill any young Teen’s wet dream.

Now Sodastream does require a little bit of futzing to get right.  You will want to play with the right amount of sparkling water to syrup mixture, not to mention if you like it cold, there is the question of ice – but it is worth it when you get the mix just right.  I know it is not in my nature to give high taste marks to a clone – but in this case, the clone brings such happiness to so many energy drink addicts – it deserves it.

I don’t mind the overall theme of the sodastream mix, but there is some significant issues here too.  The first thing that strikes me about the sodastream bottles is that they look a whole lot like laundry soap. It really is not a bad thing – and pours out easily enough, but it is hard to get an accurate pour or to figure out the amount you should use. .  The overall look is decent enough, although not listing the caffeine content is not a good idea.  On top of that, the lack of caffeine information on their site or printed material is near inexcusable.

Seeing as this is a clone of Monster, this is decent.  It has caffeine, vitamin B complex and interestingly enough, vitamin C as well.  This lacks all the other stuff people drink energy drinks for, like inositol, taurine, carnitine, guarana or even a little ginseng.  This is basically a caffeinated soda with little else to offer energy-wise.  In terms of caffeine, this did not seem like it was that intensely caffeinated either.  According to sodamixreviews, this has about the same amount of caffeine as a Coca-Cola (35-40mg of caffeine per 12 ounces).  Although it does not say ont he label, I felt like this had more than that – but not by a whole lot.  I like the lack of High Fructose Corn Syrup, and replacing that with sucralose ace/K kept the calorie count low.

Of course, finding a buzz in this completely depends on the amount of syrup you end up drinking – If you manage to upend this and chug it Log Cabin syle like the cops  in Super Troopers, then you will without doubt be flying high.

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