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Speedy Energy Drink

Speedy Energy drink is one of the more amazing energy drinks I have had – and certainy on e of the most eye catching.  They have taken a very unique road – coming out with a beautifully designed 12 ounce aluminum bottle and filling it with some very delicious liquid inside.  While Speedy might be suffering a bit from a little health confusion (it keeps calling itself healthy, but I am not quite sure how), it is so well done I am inclined to let the “healthy” part of their drink play a little more loosely.

The first thing that grabs your eye on the shelf is one of the most pretty and unique energy drink bottles out there.  There is only one other brand of energy drink I have tried that comes in an aluminum 12 ounce bottle, and this design has that one beat in spades. The script lettering is very easy to read, as well as all the other printing on the bottle.

The whole bottle sparkles and shines like no other.  This is easily one of the coolest packages I have seen in a very long time.

On top of that, they do all the other mechanics right too.  The bottle lists the caffeine content clearly, as well as all the other energy ingredients.  The name of the product is displayed in more than one place – just in case a passerby looks and notices the unusual drink in your hands.

Fortunately, they went for the chance and came up with a unique taste to go with their bottle too.  Rather than go for the energy drink clone flavor, they came up with something original, a taste like no other.  If you are a hardcore soda or energy drinker you will most likely find this one of your new favorite drinks.  If you are not expecting the flavor if very sweet fruit, you might find the flavor off putting, but I found the taste refreshing.

When I opened up the bottle cap, I definitely got the scent of grape and a light fruit punch. This was very different when I got to drink the purple liquid inside, which gave off a very distinct  flavor profile of a strong blueberry tea.  Blueberry is definitely the star here – and it powers through all the other complexities vying for my taste buds attention.  While the flavor was strong and the drink itself seemed a bit heavy, the carbonation was very high, giving this an impression of being bubbly and light while the juice was laden with lots of sugars and juices.

The crazy thing is that I accidentally  left one opened and undrunk for about twenty minutes in the sun, and the bottle heated up and the drink went flat.  Bizarrely, Speedy actually got better when it was served hot!  I don’t think I have ever had an energy drink that tasted better warm, let alone one that tasted better flat.  Just to be sure, I placed a large cup of this in the microwave next to a cup of Celestial Seasonings Blueberry tea with some sugar, and Speedy was a clear winner.

The one issue I had with this drink was that it pushed the health angle, but I just could not find what was so healthy in here.  I saw that they were trying to go for the antioxidant angle, but it really does not do you a whole lot of good drinking antioxidants in energy drinks – there just is not enough juice in them to do much good.  While they do not list how much juice is in here, my guess is that  Speedy does  not have enough good juice in here to really do much good.

Along with that, they decreased the amount of sugar in here by adding stevia.  While I applaud them in being able to use stevia and still make a drink that tastes so good, the 100 calories per bottle is about the same as you would find in a Coca Cola or Mountain Dew.  They say this is 40% less calories than other energy drinks, but it seems like it is really about the same as all the others.

In terms of buzz, Speedy is about average.  There is some guarana as well as some lab made caffeine, glucurolactone, taurine and some vitamin B to keep you moving. There is enough buzz in here to match a small energy drink or about a double-shot of espresso.  One won’t wire you, but two of them definitely will.  If you are looking for something to just get you through an afternoon slump this would work fine, but this is not going to keep you moving through the night or a long drive.  For me, that’s just fine – as I would happily drink a couple of these in a row.

   It would seem best to drop the whole health angle entirely and just concentrate on showing off what this drink does well – provide a decent boost, great taste and an amazing look – even if warm and flat.  You can head to http://drinkspeedy.com/buy if you want to give them a try.

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