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Splash Liquid Water Enhancer

I love what Mio has done for the caffeinated universe – bringing an old concept to light and letting the world follow.  While there have certainly been other products like Mio on the market, they took the concept of adding a caffeinated flavor concentrate to squirt into water and made it hip enough that there have been countless cheaper knockoffs to the point where you can find a great dose of caffeine for cheap in local dollar stores.

Such is the case of Splash Liquid Water Enhancer, which I found in a Save-A-Lot, although I have heard of this turning up in other dollar stores as well.  Yes, it is a knock off of a Mio, but it is a decent one, at least as far as taste and buzz go.  While this certainly lacks the cache of the Mio egg, it will give you that buzz you are looking for over and over.

Packaging: 6
There is no doubt that this is a value drink – with the cheap one color print and about as much care on design as you could get out of clip art and Microsoft Paint.    THe quality of the design pretty much tells you what you are in for – and they really did not push much thought to the overall experience.  Splash liquid water enhancer looks like it should be a lemonade, and I was pretty surprised when the liquid that came out was a dark evil looking brown.  I understand that they do not have a lot of money to spend on food dyes, but looking at the container I would not have expected it to be either a lemonade drink or a berry drink.  I almost finished the entire 24 serving bottle before I realized that this was supposed to be a berry flavor and not a lemony citrus one.  
On closer inspection of the package, I did find some other cool tidbits, such as a printing of the caffeine contents, a full listing of energy ingredients and even a Orthodox Union Kosher symbol for extra points.  I hate finding bits of pig fat in my water enhancers.

I did see a number of different designs for this on the internet, however, as it looks like it is going in for a much-needed facelift.  Seeing as this was the one thing holding this back from being as good as a value drink could be, I can not wait to see this in stores.

I like the flavor of Splash a whole lot – though I am not sure I really got what flavor it is supposed to be .   I drank gallons of this mixed with water before I found the flavor was supposed to be berry and not citrus or Lemonade.  It reminds me of when you grab a handful of Skittles and drop them all in your mouth – so you end up with the taste of juicy and sweet, without really being able to pick out any of the particular fake berry-esque flavors at all.

One thing which really did get to me is the flavor of the caramel color suralose/Ace K together.  Not surprisingly, it give this a tang that is very reminiscent of a cheap diet cola.  I don’t mind that tang, but I know quite a few people who do.  Still, It is pretty easy to consume the entire bottle in a few days. 

I love the energy in Splash – it consistently powered me through the roughest of mornings, helping me to wake up and feel more energized without feeling the heavy crash.  I have drank my way through three bottles of this stuff at work, and it is definitely the way to go for a cheap happy buzz. There is 50 mg of caffeine per serving, and there are 24 servings in a bottle.  Of course, there is absolutely no way to measure out what a serving is – so you just end up with a big splash of energy and hope you added enough.   Of my trials, I can usually get about 
there is a nice bit of energy ingredients in here too, including ginseng, extra caffeine from guarana, taurine and the host of B vitamins too.  Not bad for a zero calorie mix.  Splash is sweetened with the customary sucralose/Ace K mixture that has worked so well for so many other diet drinks.   The only thing I might change is to kill the caramel color in here, and up the food dye you are adding to help fix the confusion of berry flavor, yellow package and brown liquid.  If the enhancer made my drink reddish I would have taken a closer look at what flavor this is supposed to be.

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