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Stimumist energy nasal spray

When I first heard about caffeinated nasal spray, I was a little take aback.  I have tried caffeine in many forms – including shoving it up my nose with cffeinated snuff.  However, I am new to the whole nasal spray product idea entirely, never even knowing such a thing existed until I got to review Turbo Snort.

A short time after, I was approached by a second caffeinated nasal spray product called Stimumist.  FOr being the same kind of product, it is pretty interesting how the packaging and buzz differ so much from each other.  It is nice to know that for those people that would rather get their buzz from something in a different orifice than the usual one, there are choices out there.
The packaging does not look all that bad, but it certainly is not up to Turbo Mist standards.  For one thing, the bottle itself is not nearly as cool.  Not being familiar with the nasal spray category in general, I had no idea that this bottle is the standard for nasal sprays.  I just knew that while turbo mist releases a fine mist with a controlled pump – coating the inside of my head with a cool spray of moisture, this stuff comes out like I am squirting water up my nose, which is exactly what I am doing.  
The first couple times I tried Stimumist I gave a light pump on the bottle, and barely got anything up my nose at all.  So of course I then went for the big pump, and had so much water sloshing around up there it came out the other nostril and kinda burned as it went down the back of my throat.  WAAAAAY UNCOOL.  After the 20th time or so I figured out the correct  squish needed to get just the right amount of liquid up there without sloshing around and burning.  Of course, as the bottle was running low I got it wrong a couple of times and ended up feeling like I just cleaned out my head with a neti-pot.  
Turns out, the problem was my familiarity with nasal sprays.  I headed to the store for a little more data and found that most nasal sprays are like this – which I just don’t get.  I have seen how they should be – where you get a prescribed dose and it makes you feel more like you are cleaning your brain than sogging up the skull, but Stimumist can not really be faulted for using the industry standard packaging.

Other than that – they did nicely.  The design was cool – the dosage was clear, the caffeine was listed and it looks quite lovely.   From the original look and feel I saw, this is miles and miles better – a real product I would expect to find in drug stores across America.

What I found interesting is that for all the work that I put into Stimumist, I did not get the kind of buzz I think I deserved.  If I was going to be brave enough to coat the inside of my skull with caffeine, I think i deserved a massive blast of energy.  However, the result seemed a whole lot less powerful than that.  Instead, it was a light pop of nearly immediate energy, and I really could not take a whole lot at a time either.  After about 2 sprays in each nostril, I was good with that feeling for a while.  It is not like it stung (except for when I washed my nasal cavities out with it accidentally), but there is only so much wetness my nose can take.

Now that being said, I am not really the user base for this product.  I don’t think many energy or coffee drinkers are going to give up their morning drink to squirt liquid up their nose instead.  You can see just how much this product will get picked up by the general public as a common form of caffeine intake by seeing what happened when I tried using Stimumist  on a crowded bus – I parted the sea of commuters like I was Moses.

This is more for people who already use a nasal spray, but want it with a kick.  It turns out there are all kinds o nasal sprays out there, and people who live in extra dry climates and are not used to it, snuff users and nose bleeders regularly use nasal spray to get things more moisturized in there.  I can totally get why those people would love it coming with a little energy too.  I am sure for those moisture-deficient nostrils something like this would be a godsend.  But we have entered allergy season, and I am blowing my nose constantly for the next four months anyways, and the last thing I need is even  more wetness up there.  For the most part, I think personally I will stick to caffeine in other orifices instead.

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