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Superliminal Berry Calming Purple Stuff

On my last trip to the mountains, I found this flavor of Superliminal Purple Stuff  and thought I would have to give it a try, seeing as  I did not mind the flavor of the last one as soda goes.  It had been some time since I gave Superliminal a try it was worth a shot.  However, after knocking back a can trying to relax after a hard day’s work I just felt full and a little sticky.

Like so many other relaxation druggie themed drinks, this is meant to relax you and get a person mellow, although I like how Superliminal is veering away from the Lean and Drank methods of comparing their drinks to Hip-Hop drug and more like Willy Wonka.  Still, with the whole Purple Stuff, it still is playing off the name and image of the Purple Drank phenomenon.

I still find the design for Superliminal Purple Stuff plain awful.  I get what they were going for, but spending real cash on something so cheesy it does not seem worth it.  The bad font choices, combined with their single color poor printing job makes this can a real mess.  The top hat on the letter makes me think they are going Willy Wonka – but that does not seem like a very sleepy relaxing story  what with all the people being stretched and zapped and exploded and juiced.  The rest of the can does not make any sense either – using bad font choices and cut-out designs.  Its definitely time to work on that redesign.

It did not bother to print how much melatonin is on the can still, and does not really tell you much of anything you are about to drink.  They don’t double face the can and done have a cool cap.  It did contain the liquid, which I guess means it works functionally, but that is about it’s only good point.

Taste: 8
II cracked it open, and like the grape before it what I tasted was not what anyone would expect.  Superliminal is a very lightly flavored slightly sweetened berry, more mellow and distinct than your normal berry soda.

Like the grape flavor before it, it had a strong popsicle quality about it – only watered down enough to not overwhelm with sugar.   I did not like it as much as the grape though, as the berry added a touch of sourness that did not really add to the complexity and depth of flavors like the grape did.  It still is pretty tasty, but if I had my druthers I would stick to their grape blend.

I was all set to relax with this can and see if I would drift peacefully off to sleep. I was really hoping I would, as I had a stressful day of work and needed to chill out. Unfortunately, taking a look at the ingredients list told me what I was in for.

Their ingredients list broken down is Water, Sugar, Natural Flavorings (extracted processed berry flavors), citric acid, preservatives, Vitamin B complex, Sucralose, maltodextrin and food coloring.  The Calming Blend is some Theanine, Rose Hips and Valerian Root.  In other words, this will make you about as calm as a cup of tea – and not even Sleepytime tea at that.  Theanine does not make you tired, and actually helps people focus upon tasks.  Rose Hips are great for itching powder and in pet foods, but will not help you sleep any. Valerian root is not a bad idea, but it is very mild, and had absolutely no effect on me.

I did not feel more calm or more focused, just satisfied with a tasty beverage.  For a soda, it is not half bad.  It tastes OK and does not have many calories, just don’t expect it to actually do anything it promises.

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