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Talon energy

Sometimes energy drinks take the unconventional route, going after an untapped market or doing something so new and different that it needs notice. And sometimes they don’t.
Talon Energy are about as close you could get to stereotype energy drink as the market could bear. Targeted to males, 18 to 34, Fluid Motion Beverage Inc. has produced this drink to be sold exclusively at Circle K’s Western regional stores. According to their brand awareness and marketing company, they even had a small army of “attractive and outgoing young women as brand ambassadors due to their willingness to socialize and the target market’s willingness to be approached by a woman.”

Talk about cliche, but still – it still does a decent job at what it does. It is not surprising that these are now found in discount superstores like Big Lots.

Packaging: 7
This can is very well done, if not completely predictable. This time, as opposed to going after their target market by using extreme sports, they are using edgy “Tattoo themed packaging” Which is always the next standby after grunge fonts and dirt bikers.

That is not to say I did not enjoy it, but it was completely the norm – an easy win for Fluid Motion’s marketing department. They even got real tattoo artists in to try to bring that edgy edge to their Talon brand target, one tattoo artist illustrated the Talon bird icon and another tattoo artist crafted the tribal style lettering on each side of the can. According to a spokesperson at Talon, ”both of the young artists work in traditional tattoo shops and did not want to do anything too “commercial.” Riiiight. Gosh – what could be less commercial that a tattoo of an eagle stencil with old school lettering…

As for the can itself, the size is dubbed “triple eight,” boasting a big 24 ounce can. I quite enjoyed this monster size, even though it meant consuming quite alot of energy drink. It was a nice printing job as well and labeled all their stuff nicely with easy to read fonts. The lid was a bit haphazard, but at least they made it easy on Circle K employees and double faced their can so it is easier to face in the cooler shelves.

This is exactly what I had hoped for in the energy promise – it was almost like the usual, only just a tad better. It was a little more caffeine, a little more energy boosting ingredients, but of course that means a little heavier on the caloric content too.

The score here is not based at all on nutrition – for this thing is packed full of all those things that makes sodas such a problem – high calories, high sugars, tons of preservatives and artificial lab made food-like ingredients. But, it also has lots of stuff to give quite a rush!
Of course, the sugar goes a very long way to giving a quick boost of energy. And this thing is LOADED with it, along with 261mg caffeine per 24oz can – still packing a nice punch. It has all the things you want to see in a standard energy drink, including a host of B vitamins, Pantothenic Acid, Taurine, Glucuronolactone, Panax Ginseng, an extra shot of caffeine from 50mg guarana and Inositol too. So if you have no problem with the empty 360mg calories, you should have be set for a nice buzz.

Best and most surprising thing about Talon – the flavor really grabs hold of you and does not left go. I thought I would have a hard time downing an energy drink this big, as it usually takes me a good hour to go through one of the Monster BFC’s. Now with this sucker, as it barely lasted 10 minutes before it was sucked down like a big gulp. Sure, it is a pretty common Monsteresque flavor – but somehow more fruity and delicious. This is one of the closest I have come to liquid candy since the original Boo Koo line. I would gladly suck these down on a regular basis if I could deal with the empty calories.

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