Posted October 13, 2010 by Big Red Boots in energy shot

The Most Extreme Energy Shot: Fixx Extreme Ultra Shot

There are very few caffeinated things I have been actually afraid to try.While I actually do limit the amount of caffeine I consume so as to be impartial as a reviewer, I still back down from relatively few challenges (How many other reviews have you read for both Caffeinated snuff AND caffeinated Tobacco Chaw?)  – but this one was the shot I felt the most fear. Fixx Extreme Ultra Shot is the most potent energy shot ever produced. Period. This little 0.17 ounce shot of Fixx Extreme Ultra Shot contains 400 milligrams of caffeine – and tastes like it too. I was scared enough that this sample say untested in Bertha, my energy drink fridge, for the last 5 months. But then KingofCaffeine.com sent me a sample as well – and I thought it was time to man-up and get my Fixx.

And I tell you, the Fixx is mind meltingly good! 400mg of caffeine – that is like drinking 5 Red Bulls in one second. It is like ordering a 5 shot espresso and chugging it – plainly put, it is insane. the rush you get is insane. The feeling of euphoria and general perkiness is unstoppable. Even though I had a head cold, I still had tons of energy to spare. I know why I was so scared before, and like a good roller coaster ride, I am so glad I took the plunge and fixxed myself – and am sorryt I did not try it before.  It is not too much – I did not feel sick or overcaffeinated or poisoned – and my stomach felt fine.  My heart did not get pissed, burst out of my chest and try to find a less annoying person to work for.  All in all, I got a great 5 hour buzz from it and came down without feeling crashy or lethargic.

Even the packaging isn’t normal. Unlike most shots, this is just a teensy weensy bit of liquid – not enough to fit in any normal bottle. It is just a teaspoon of caffeinated goo. Instead they sangwich it inside a little flat pouch, about the size of a big business card. you eat it like a gel pack, scraping your mouth against it and suck the liquid out of the little tear off opening.

Actually, I found the experience kinda gross – like sucking catchup out of the packet. It also ruins the design, as well as make the whole thing kinda icky. But then again – I am not sure what other package might be better to hold such a tiny bit of potent goo

And even more than being potent, it is realllly nasty. It is supposed to be cappuccino flavored, but it is so much worse than the worst coffee shots I have had. It is really really gross – and the only way to get through it is to down it in one go. They did not try to hide the horribly bitter caffeine and other ingredients at all, just added sucralose to pretend it is palatable.

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