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Trim Stack Energy pills

I am always a little scared of energy pills.  Somehow they seem more dangerous and serious.  Taking a pill means that you are doing something important, like taking your vitamins or medicine.  Trim Stack NRG sent me a couple of their pills to try out along with their Pure NRG energy shot to try out – as well as these little blue and white pills that are supposed to improve my concentration, make me not hungry and give me a burst of energy.  Seeing as I get very hungry in the late afternoon, always need energy and have the focus of a broken camera lens, I could use all those three things.

Unfortunately, Trim Stack just is not powerful enough to really accomplish its goals.  I do laud what they are trying to do and the ingredients they use, but it is just not strong enough to deliver.  Trim Stack also makes a bad workout supplement too, as my son and I tried this at the gym a couple times and it really did not have the needed energy for a good cardio either.

The little blister pack this came in did not really give off a great vibe, looking very medicinal and truck-stop quality.  If this is supposed to compete with other weight loss / energy pills, this one has a long way to go before it can compete with the likes of Slim Fast or Alli.  THe yellow on white with light blue color combo is a big turn off too.   On top of that, there is no listing of how much caffeine is in this, which is a bit of a bummer, as it also says to take without any other caffeinated products – so you are not very energetic throughout your day either.

It also has a very workout-exercise heavy vibe to it.   Their website has people working hard and exercising too, so we took it to the gym to try it out as a workout supplement.  Unfortunately, it is not meant for that at all, not giving anything for a boost to get you there, or enough oomph from their ingredients – we felt nothing but tired after a mediocre workout both times we gave it a shot.

The thing is, Trim Stack is full of good ingredients – things which are supposed to make a difference.  there is a total of 430 mg in all the ingredients they have in here, which contains glucomanann, cocoa nut, caffeine, guarana and citrus aurantium.

Glucomanann is a dietary water soluble fiber.  Basically, the idea is that this stuff will fill you up with basically nothing, leaving you feeling full without actually having anything in your stomach – like a big cotton candy sponge.   It cant really hurt you ( although Canada has banned it because they say it can cause throat blockage and other stuff) though the DEA has warned companies using this that they should not say that it will make them lose weight.   There have been a couple studies according to the wikipedia article about it, and the weight loss claims are pretty negligible.  I can tell you fro my own experience that even swallowing a couple of them about an hour after lunch had me craving the snacks by 4.  Tim stack really did not affect my eating habits in the least.

The same can be said of the caffeine and focus, which I really did not feel.  I kept waiting for the burt of energy, as this listed caffeine both lab made and from guarana, but it never materialized.  Even taking two pills did nothing really to wake me and get me in the zone.  And – because they did not list the caffeine in here, I did not ant to overdo it on the caffeine and ended up being mostly un – caffeinated for the cays I tried it.  Not a pretty sight.

The citrus aurantium is a pretty common thing for weight loss and workout products – also known as bitter orange.  this stuff works like ephedra does, only in a much less insane degree.  It increases your metabolism and speeds up your heart rate, so your body has a thermogenic effect.  Basically, your body gets hot from the inside, so you feel a bit like you just ran a marathon.  I actually like the thermo rush – in the right place and time with the right dosage.  Trim Stack’s dose was way too weak to feel anything at all.

All in all, there are some good things in here – or at least things that are not bad for you.  However, I felt nothing after trying this according to their directions.

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