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Trim stack PureNRG Xtreme energy shot

Trim Stack looks like a very cool company that helps with weight loss as well as workout help.  They do this with a very cool and nique looking pill, as well as the energy shot.  I thought I would start off with trying the shot, which unfortunately looks a little bland.  Of course, bland by energy drink standards is different than bland in any other market.  in this case Bland means over the top extreme grungy silliness.  Dropping the E in extreme, using lightning bolts and the design equivalent of shouting.

PureNRG is an over-the-top packaging idea by Trim Stack, not having any connection to the Christian teen pop group Pure NRG or Information Society.  After trying Trim Stack’s PureNRG out, I can only hope the pills are cooler than these shots – which at and taste like every other 5 Hour energy clone on the market today.

 PureNRG is very XTREME, and that is not meant in a good way.

 There are two basic ways to market energy products.  You can either go the health route with happy running people or pictures of fruit, or go for explosions, lightning bolts and and lava.  PureNRG Xtreme energy shot unfortunately went with the second option.  It is not necessarily a bad idea – it is just a very standard tried-and true approach.  Coming from a health nutrition company, I would have expected something more in the lines of something you would use at the gym or during a workout – not something you slam during your all-night-raging-xtreme metal concert.

Unfortunately , they also did not bother to list the caffeine content – which is annoying.  As this company seems to be about health this makes it even more obnoxious.  The rest of the labeling is OK enough, and I found their admittance to print they were using a third party to manufacture their energy shots an interesting choice.  Usually companies don’t admit to using an outside company to produce their product that they just paid them to produce and put their labels on.

I found the overall grape flavor to be decent, although not as good as many I have tried. It is like a watery non-alcoholic version of Tylenol for kids. Three is definitely a medicinal bite to it, and there is a bitterness that only gets stronger in the aftertaste.

However, this is certainly better than many other shots I have had – and certainly far tastier than 5 Hour or any of those clones.  While I was able to get this down without much grimacing, I certainly have had ones much better too.  The grapiness reminded me more of taking a watery kids cough medicine, in that there was nothing enjoyable about the flavor, but it is still more palatable than Worx or 6 Hour Power.

This was about as standard as you could possibly get – which makes sense coming from a energy drink clone company.  It has a very standard bump of energy coming from amino acids, B vitamins, and an undisclosed bunch of caffeine.  From the boost I got, it looked like there was between 80 – 100mg of caffeine, enough to get a little lift but nothing spectacular.

The issue I had was that this Trim Stack is positioning itself as a weight-loss workout supplement, and that just won’t happen with a generic energy drink with nothing to really make it stand out from the pack.  While this is not a bad concoction, it is just the same as every other shot out there with explody packaging.

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