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Triple Cola Soda

Rocket Fizz is, unsurprisingly, one of my favorite places to hang out.  I know there has been a whole lot of history to them and how they get their sodas, but that all does not detract from the fact that I can have my very own soda shop right downtown – and a darn good one too.  I had not been in in some time, when the salesperson recognized me in the store and handed me a drink to try out.  This is not a new drink, and in fact it was a very old one –  Triple Cola.

Now Rocket Fizz carried dozens and dozens of colas – many of which have caffeine on the label.  However, like Coke and Pepsi, just because you have a little caffeine does not really mean you have enough energy to be reviewed as an energy drink.   With the assurances that this was something special, I looked a little deeper into the information about Triple cola – and was very pleasantly surprised.
It seems Triple cola is not just another Olde Tyme Wannabe drink with the name dredged up to make it sound historical.  Yes, this is not produced n Orca Beverages soda machines along with dozens of others, but for those of you who like cola – this is a definite Must Try.

Triple Cola got their look from their old packaging, back when this was made in the 20s and not the way it was advertised in the 60s or 70s.  Triple cola has been around a very long time for not really having a whole lot of info about it – except it seems their big selling point used to be that it came in 16 ounce bottles rather than the standard 12, and used to do quite a lot of baseball merchandising in the early 80s.  This new look definitely hearkens back to the early years – even using the terms Vim and Vigor.  Like most Orca beverages, the bottle looks more novelty than anything – very plain and simple, with barely a listing of ingredients, let alone caffeine content.

For those who like cola taste, this one can not be missed.  Yes, it tastes very sugary from the cane sugar used, but the thick earthy flavors come bursting out of this little bottle.  This was a rich blend of earthy sharp flavors like ginger and maybe a hint of clove, along with an almost woodsy smell.  While I dont want to get too high-handed in tasting Triple Cola, all thoughts that this was just a knock-off brand by Orca were immediately thrown out the window.  While it might be a little overpowering for those people who just want their cola to taste like like the brown sugar water of Coke or Pepsi might not like their colas to have such flavor, I really appreciated all the work that went into this flavor.

Their slogan in the middle of the label tells me that I will be filled with Vim and Vigor, which actually turns out to be quite true!  I sucked the 12 ounces down cold, and immediately felt a surge of energy rush through me.  OK, I was on an empty stomach, but I could tell after years of reviews that there was definitely more caffeine that in your average cole in here.   After a quick call to Orca, it seems that I was definitely right – and the salesperson at Rocket Fizz was on the money.  This is the most caffeinated cola Orca makes, clocking in at a healthy 80mg of caffeine per bottle – More than my newest extra-caffeinated soda, Pepsi Max, but a full 11mg.  It gave me enough energy to jog from my desk at work back to Rocket Fizz for another one to help me along – and that was as good as the first.

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