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Turbo Snort energy nasal spray

Through years of me reviewing  caffeinated chaw, caffeine tights, energy spray, patches and all else, there is no doubt to me that caffeine nose no bounds.  It can certainly be entered through your nasal passages just as well as your mouth, as proven with the caffeinated energy snuff I have tried in the past.  Turbo Snort is a caffeinated nasal spray – a bit of mist you puff up far into your nasal cavity and let the good times roll.   In the case of these ingredients, Turbo Snort tries to make you more mentally aware as well as keep you physically awake.  I managed to talk with Wayne Perry, one of the people behind this new and most interesting of products. According to Wayne,

“I have worked for years in the natural health industry developing numerous products including nasal sprays. After creating several homeopathic nasal sprays that use tiny doses of active ingredients to alleviate various conditions, I realized that intranasal ingestion only required tiny amounts to produce big results. In fact, I created a nasal spray to help people quit smoking and added guarana to it. After trying it I realized the caffeine in the guarana immediately perked you up. That’s when I first got the idea for an energy nasal spray.”

And then it was named Turbo Snort.  Really.  And truthfully, I am totally OK with it – even to the point of looking forward to it now.  I have no idea if shoving all these chemicals are good for my nostrils or not, although I do seem to be blowing my nose more.  Also, it kinda makes me tingle.  Mind you, I am not used to having such wetness up my nostrils, and I feel like my smelling ability has gone from really bad to really really bad.  Of course, I am taking about 25-30 sprays up each nostril a day now.

Turbo Snort comes in a little inhaler – all in shades of greenish.  I am not sure why they picked a nice soothing green for the top, label, logo and everything else, but it works. Mind you, there is a ton of hard to read writing on the bottle,  but you need the instructions warnings and ingredients – of which there are plenty of each.

My only complaint is when the top popped off and I had to search around and be clever to try to get the last of the juice out of the bottle. I am not sure this has anything to do with defective packaging and instead is more my own inability to not lose my things.

I know that this should not be tasting of anything, as it is getting shoved up my nose.  However, this definitely tastes, as well as smells too.  It burns a little as it is up in my skull someplace, which is not terribly pleasant.  Not that it is strong or powerful, but it is just not terribly nice.  The smell is very pepperminty, although not as harsh as you would think for squirting stuff up your nostrils.  While a couple sprays in each nose hole does not alter your smell at all, after a while of continuous sprays you can really smell the chemicals.

After a while I could not help but wonder what this tasted like as well, so I sprayed a good half dozen shots in my mouth, and there I could really taste it.  Of course, it was awful.  Trust me, The nose is the only orifice for this stuff.  However, I did use the top to try spraying a 5 Hour energy up my nose, and this stiff is WAAAY better for nasal caffeination than any other liquid.

One of the most interesting things about this is that there is a very  low caffeine level in here – almost to the point of it being laughable.  There is a little less than one milligram of caffeine in each spray (you would need to spray over 30 times to get the same caffeine content as a can of Coke), but they still insisted I would feel energy from this.  Doubtful but willing, I started carrying this with me for a number of days, spraying this stuff in my skull every chance I remembered.

The bottle says do not take more than 25 sprays every 4 hours.  Because I do write about caffeine my tolerance level could have been higher than other people’s, but I try to keep myself at a normal keel of caffeine intake.  So about every 20 minutes toa half hour I would spray a little more of this up my nose awaiting the effects.  Even though there is such little caffeine, the mix is interesting enough that i really wanted to feel the effects.  About the caffeine, Wayne mentioned

“We have a two pronged approach to adding caffeine. First we use proven caffeinated herbal tinctures (guarana, green tea and kola nut). Then we add Caffeine Anhydrous in powder form (not only to pump up the caffeine content), but to also help increase instant absorption which is something caffeine is proven to do. Whenever you mix powdered caffeine with other ingredients – it creates super absorption for all ingredients whether through the skin, nose, blood-brain barrier, etc…”

So the caffeine is not only supposed to perk you up, but supposed to help absorb the other stuff in here. Besides the stuff my mentioned, this is also mixed with Creatine, Glutamine, Taurine, as well as a little vitamin C. I really enjoyed that they were more than just a caffeine supplement, and also tried to reach for some of the more interesting energy ingredients out there.

As for how it performed, it was unfortunately very weak.    Don’t expect the normal buzz from this, or the usual alertness either.  This would not be a good choice to take on a long road trip or so anyplace you need an instant jolt of energy.  The effect was much much more prolonged, specially since you should only use 6 sprays an hour. Except for the first time, I really did not get that wired feeling, nor the brain on fire with the focus feeling either.  I was hoping to snort some up and feel the rush of my brain tingling, but instead it just felt a little wetter.

 I found I could feel something more when I combined the snort with other caffeine, like coffee or an energy drink.  It did add just that little bit of extra oomph in there, though again in a very mellow non-intrusive kinda’ way.

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